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September 2, 1993
  • Is Bera really populated as it seems to be?

    Darches wrote: »
    Does GM stand for Game Moderator or Game Master?
    What is a remote GM?

    GM is seen a lot in games...but in this instance it's either Game Master or Game Moderator. Other uses for it that you might see are Guild Master which isn't the same thing here, obviously. Both mean Game Moderator and Game Master mean the same thing.

    A remote GM would be where someone connected from say a home setting to moderate in-game. Most gaming companies don't allow this because, as mentioned before, it's a liability issue. All GMs would be required to show up at a Nexon established office and log in through a stable server on a GM-use only account to moderate in-game.

    It's mostly to prevent things like biased bans, item abuse, or some sort of harassment that can't be tracked to the worker. If a remote GM logged on at home and then say went to eat and their daughter or son went on the PC and went to town thinking it was all for giggles that would be a huge mess for Nexon to clean up. In a work station that wouldn't happen. It just protects them from those sort of mistakes.

    As for Reboot or Bera, I'd personally say Reboot if you have more time...Bera if you feel like spending money. Both are populated enough for you to not have to worry about anything.
  • Transparency on Probability Rates for RNG features

    Honestly surprised this hasn't already been implemented.
    A lot of games have RNG rates posted or at least have some way for members to test chances via PTR and get an average of the rates themselves.
  • Why im quitting Maplestory after 8 years

    This game still has a social aspect?
    Sorry but I feel as though that died ages ago... I haven't felt the social aspect on Maplestory in years :'(
    It used to be for that, but I don't see that be a viable reason to cling onto a dying game.

    I'll always creep back to Maplestory, despite its decline. I'm sad to see that they don't do anything about the hackers though. It's so blatantly obvious who hacks and who doesn't, and it'd be so easy for them to deal with it. They don't, though. I'm honestly unsure why.
  • Why do you play?

    Simply put, nostalgia.
    But their compatibility is terrible now...
    I shouldn't get lag spikes with a $1k rig...