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Last Active
  • Crash after Region Select when using NexonLauncher

    Bug type: Crash

    Brief bug summary: When using Nexon Launcher, the client crashes after Region Select.

    More details: Briefly flashes an image with an off-white border and black center. Reports say that the game launches fine through GameLauncher.exe

    Steps to reproduce: Launch game using Nexon Launcher.

    Character name: KnofbathCygn
    Character level: 225
    Character job: Night Walker
    World name: Reboot
    Date and time of the incident: 03/02/2017 1:40am EST
  • Event Hall bugged, have to go every 20 mins.

    Here's the thing - all their testers say they're unable to replicate the lag bug. Even though EVERYONE FREAKING TELLS THEM THERE IS ONE.
    That's probably because the testers are using newer hardware, and have low latency due to being in California near the servers. Also, if they are running on a test server, they won't have the massive amounts of lag that us normal players deal with daily.
  • Event Hall bugged, have to go every 20 mins.

    Event Hall is really laggy, and has been for a long time. Yet the Firework merchant requires us to visit lagged Event Hall every 20 mins 10x per day.

    The fixes would be to fix Event Hall(unlikely based on past performance), copy the NPC to a major town, or let us turn in 20 minute quest from Event Star.

    Event Shop NPC also needs copied to a major town.

    Seriously, I only get 0.5 frames per second in Event Hall, and the Maplestory client just stops responding every 10 seconds while I'm there. Stop making me go there.
  • Korean Folk Town questline

    I think it is caused by killing all the monsters too fast. It was a known problem back when Korean Folk Town first re-released.

    To avoid the issue, use basic attacks and/or kill each monster separately.
  • Magnus Pre-quest BUG

    i had finish TO PANTHEON and it said i can proceed to SUPPORTING HELISEUM RECLAMATION HQ

    but i didn't get any quest from Beldar or any NPC, and my character is beast tarmer

    Did you check your lightbulb quests? If not, try going to Tiron (who's in the map leading to the Heliseum HQ map).
    I have this issue too, quest chain dead-ends for non-KMS classes most likely.

    Bug type: Quest

    Brief bug summary: Magnus pre-quest chain dead-ends after "To Pantheon".

    More details: Next quest "Supporting Heliseum HQ" is not available.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Complete quest "To Pantheon" on a Kanna, check NPC Tiron who doesn't have the next quest.

    Character name: KnofbathKana
    Character level: 154
    Character job: Kanna
    World name: Reboot

    Date and time of the incident: 12/09/2016