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  • Shades cannot access Elluel

    Bug type: Map Issue
    Brief bug summary: Shade is stuck in story line version of Elluel. If using mercedes link skill to return to Elluel, walking into Elluel, or teleporting in with a hyper teleport rock it will show the town, cut to black and land you in shade story line version of the map. However, I have recently found out that if you teleport to someone in the King's seat map of Elluel it will not place you in the story line map but once the map has been left it cuts to black again and you are back in the story line map. There is no way for shade to see the original town of elluel every other class can access!

    More details: Video of glitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/178056414

    Steps to reproduce: Complete shade story line and obtain level 200 medal. Walk to the town, use mercedes link skill from another place to teleport to the town, or even Hyper teleport into the town and see it cut to black then moved to story line map.

    Character name: Emotion
    Character level: 234
    Character job: Shade
    World name: Bera
    Date and time of the incident: Since shade was released
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    With this change it basically forces people to either cube or buy two line drop gear just to be able to have near the equivalent of 180% drop. For people who are free to play in non-reboot servers, this is almost impossible to achieve since the whales of the game will either out bid player with either an absurd amount of meso or actual real life money.

    It has also been shown by KMS players that even with the additional drop rate buff of node stones and symbols that there is no way that it will ever be better than what we currently have now. It is going to take players longer to progress! Economies for node stones spike till again free to play players can't afford the items in order to level their skills. Symbols will also take longer to obtain because people will just have to resort to doing dailies to level them up.

    Not only are node stones and symbols the main concern of players but it is also the cubes that can be obtained through bosses. Free to play people use these to upgrade their gear or make gear to sell in the free market or the auction house. However, now its going to be even harder to obtain these items.

    This is a horrible change and hopefully the community will voice their opinion loud enough for Nexon to actually reconsider.
  • Arlong endorses Donald Trump

    PS-grab them by the
    *Jeopardy music plays*

    ... C is REAAAAAALLY tempting...!
    Nexon: A!