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  • Mercedes Buffs

    Mercedes here, lv 211
    Ignis roar is a pain, stacking it each 10 seconds is not practical at all, and it counts 20% of our dmg. Try to fight normal or hard magnus and stack ignis roar plus having to rebuf (I play on reboot we don't have buff freezers, although korea reboot has them...). We have in total 5 buffs ( not counting the 5th job decent bless, sharp eyes and speed infusion) all with slow animations.
    Why our attack skills even have a cooldown?? Is Rolling Moonsault, spikes royal, Wrath of Enlil, game breaking regarding damage?
    Please gives us a decent summon...
    5th job skill is a joke looks at best a bad mobbing 4th job skill with bad dmg and 180s cooldown
    Our flash jump is a joke compared to even warrior classes. Elfs should be an agile and fast class.
    I have 2.2-2.5M dmg self-buffed and it feels like I am around 1M dmg.

    This class has a background story where she is a queen, she fought blackmage, she is one of the maple heroes... how can she be one of the maple heroes as weak as she is? Doesn't make any sense at all... I just keep playing because I enjoy the class, and I got the help of my guild and boyfriend in the bosses that I should be able to solo if I was any other archer class.
    Please gives us back the Mercedes exactly how it was when it was released before the nerf (and the bad revamp). It isn't needed much coding for that.
  • Thinking about returning. Help appreciated.

    yeah I will say i have yet to even get into the game. crashes before i can even select a server :/
    EDIT: and that music is awful to along with the crashes...techno? jeez
    I mute it. If you choose reboot and need buddies feel free to add WildStorms

  • Give the maple developers some credit

    Why they can't have the same quality as Nexon Korea? Why we have to take with all the crap here? They just don't care about their player base ... (the last streams shows the respect they have).
    I'm on the verge of quitting this game again, and for the same reason, too many crashes.