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  • Account bound guild members

    With legion and kanna farming (in reboot) people are more time leveling alts or farming than on main character, it would be nice that the guild membership was account bound like we already have in friend list.
  • Do you enjoy the Jett revamp?

    A pathetic decision if you ask me. It's not the only class with a spammable full map attack....

    It's not a pathetic decision. They listened to feedback and reacted based on that.
    Jett having 0 cd on Starfall just didn't fit well with GMS.

    To be fair they should open a voting pool, just because some players complained that doesn't mean it is the majority.
  • To all you level 200+ people

    Mainly did bosses, commerci, made almost all linked mules (still missing kinesis because i can't stand that class), I was at 800k dmg range when I hit 200 (events helped and took a while to get to 200 cause we were a new guild and everyone had no gear to do cra) so didn't took that long to kill them. And use the YELLOW pots from monster park they give 2k hp, don't relly on the pet to auto-heal cause I'm from Europe and sometimes it lags, I heal with elixers manually. If you play reboot feel free to msg me during this weekend. ign: Wildstorms
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    I want to see Nexon competent staff completing this jump quest on stream.
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  • Mercedes Buffs

    Honestly I put a deadline to this character, if I reach 2M clean and still can't solo hell lux or normal magnus in the next burning event I will just change to another class. It isn't fun when you should be doing bosses alone and you can't or you are in a party and you do bad damage compared to others that have worse equips.