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I'm gonna write on my own wall 'cause I can.


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December 5, 1990
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I like giraffes.
  • [SOLVED] only work on ban appeals tues-thurs?

    Cadena91 wrote: »
    Very presumptuous and rude.
    I would not judge others if I were you.
    I mean it was a really funny reply.
    Writing like a nice guy as if something would come out of his reply to this person.
    This poor damsel in distress, oh no.
  • [SOLVED] only work on ban appeals tues-thurs?

    Football5 wrote: »
    You really should be ashamed of yourself !
    You can clearly see that this young lady is in distress, she's literally crying (fairly obvious), and yet you just goes like "What do u want us to do?!!"

    or in other words, "Just be quiet!"

    She's an human being, she has feeling she has probably worked so hard on that account, can you even imagine all her hard work?, you can't simply ignore it,
    in fact you should be apologies to her, and cheer her up by saying that everything will be okay!

    And I'm not talking about who's right and who isn't, I'm talking about morality... the principles concerning the distinction between good or bad behavior.

    I hope you have learned your mistakes so please next time, be a gentleman!

    What exactly are you trying to achieve with this comment anyway?
    Honestly had to log in for the first time in God knows how long just to laugh at this reply.
    This is gold.
  • Server Event Time Change - UTC

    AznboiE wrote: »
    Did EMS migrate to GMS or did GMS migrate to EMS?
    Seems like the latter instead of the former, tbh.
  • Server Event Time Change - UTC

    A big ol' *bleep* you to the GMS community who's played this game for 10 years on PDT/PST.
    That's all I see here.

    If that's "listening to complaints", I can't wait to see what you do next.
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  • MapleStory Community Survey Results and Plans

    I wish I was that passionate about something as you are about old MS.
    You're unrelenting. No matter how much we are all annoyed with your posts, no matter how much you fly in the face of the rule that you caused to be created, you still carry on, you persevere.
    Good on you bud.
    But please... stop.