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May 2, 1995
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I'm a Maplestory Veteran all the way from Beta, I stream Maplestory on Twitch occasionally but i mostly Stream random games.
  • DMT Issues 7/18

    It's become blatantly clear over the Years, Nexon America and GMS specifically, Can't handle stuff like this, idk why but they can't despite it being 2020 and 99% of games don't have these issues from MMOs in the early 2000s. I feel like Nexon should have come up with an alternative at this point, The fact that they haven't is kinda absurd. Legit you can give us Potions that "DON'T EXPIRE", Allowing us to use them whenever we want, Even in like 2 years if we wanted. Then make it so Cubes used during the effect of the potion have increase chances.

    No requirement for some massive "timed" event, No Chat spamming of John Doe and his 50 brothers and Sister tiering up their Meso/Drop Rings. Legit just a normal potion and for the love of all things holy, DON'T MAKE THE POTION EXPIRE WHEN LOGGING. That just makes the Potion no different than lagging out during ACTUAL DMTs. Add a timer to it, a Timer that only ticks down when physically logged onto your Character itself and not on the World Select Screen.
  • Pathfinder Question.

    Thank you both, These answers have actually cleared up a LOT about Pathfinder for me.
  • Recruit a Friend...WHY

    I really don't see how this event can backfire tbh.
    I'm KS'd at least once per day, now take this "ENTICING" Botter created Event, You'll be getting KS'd 1000x over now, and during Tera Burning of all things. Geewiz Mr.Nexon, Thanks for the fantastic events :)

    (Can't complain though, Tera won't help with the upcoming Black Mage Boss anyways. It'll take between 3-6 years before F2P players can kill him, First clear will be hackers, putting Money on it.)
  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    My name is Alexandrose, My parents named me this after expecting Twins, sadly my sister died during birth. They already had a name chosen for us both *Alex* and *Rose*, So neither felt left out, they agreed upon an alternative Alex-and-rose.

    Little did I know this would be more of a curse throughout my life than anything, Throughout my childhood I had strange happenings occur around me, flying objects, Items moving... Cookies being taken from the Jar and me being blamed for it. As I grew older my Parents started seeing me as a Curse or an Accident, to the point that my father blamed me for my Sisters death. The more this happened and the more they blamed me, These *Strange Happenings* started becoming violent outbreaks that would occur over time. Around the age of 11, my parents abandoned Me. As I walked throughout MapleWorld, Meeting many people and around the age of 13 a lady noticed my *Strange Happening* had helped me steal food so I could survive. She kept an eye on me for a while, making sure to pay for anything i stole, after about a Year she finally approached me and asked my Name as well as the name of the Entity that follows me. I wasn't sure what she was talking about, she promised me answers if I went to work with Her, She worked as an off the books underground PI. Throughout my time with her I learned many things, The Entity that was with me, About the Monsters in this world, The Black Mage and many other things that aren't immediately known to exist within MapleWorld by common citizens. I learned of folks that stay hidden, never speaking a word to an adventure ever in their life, shady business within Kerning City's underground, or even the story of an instant rise in Fame of Icebyrd Slimm that abruptly inspired a whole City, built near a Forrest with a haunted mansion and Agents coming and going throughout the years, attempting to persuade Warriors/Adventurers and even common folk to join their ranks through a series of quizzes and select participants would be contacted and given a Suit and then the Agents would disappear... out of nowhere and then it turns out there is a place within the Mansion that directly links to the *Black Mage* himself and just a few years ago NLC was under attack by things that were claimed to be called *Aleins* and just like the *Agents* they *poofed* into thin air all at once, I also un-covered some interesting findings out these Agents as well as howIcebyrd Slimm is involved with them.

    Alright, Enough about my Past, Currently I work as a PI along with the Entity that I had found out was my Sisters Soul, She survives because of me and I get work done because of her. You can't beat what you can't see making us nearly unstoppable. I am contacting you because I've seen what you've done over time, research throughout the Darknet of MapleWorlds underground, the studies that were done on you. I know very much about you and compared to the things I've seen Adventurers do, Citizens. Enslaving animals and riding them, killing creatures for their skin or hide and selling it for Mesos. You create these creatures that cause so much damage, but has anyone tried leaving them alone? even give them a single chance? In my eyes, all you've done is created life and all they've done is destroy it time and time again. I've seen and been through so much that the world is already dead to me, So I figured... why not just live in the high life near someone with great power instead of in the shadows watching and waiting while ultimately doing nothing for this world, With you however, I can do something.. I can become something greater than just some guy who watches from the shadows.

    I know for a fact I can be a major help to you. I possess immense magical power, this Magic allows me to not only see through the eyes of my Sister but allows us to communicate. This comes with a catch though, As a child when she moved to far away, her powers along with mine would go berserk and just start deleting things around us... as if we were creating some kinda invisible Black Hole, However, the stronger I become, the longer the distance we can withstand. I've clocked it around about 70 Yards, but with your power, I'm sure you can do something about those 70 Yards, and if push comes to shove I can always be used as a backup plan. What better way to dominate the world than to have a pawn that can create delete MapleWorld as a whole, within a single moment, You'd just have to give the word and it's done.

    Just a quick note, I'll need some form of transport, I don't get out much because my sister is the one that normally does all the manual work. So I've over time grown comfortable with home life, sadly I have to admit that I've become *Too* comfortable, I'm afraid not getting out much has given me some pretty bad Anxiety, It was bad enough that I had Agoraphobia because of an Invisible soul constantly floating around me watching my every move. I guess the saying Privacy of your own home doesn't apply to me.

    Previous Experience:
    A witness of many crimes and illegal dealings.

    The ability to be 2 places at once.
    Untapped magical potential.
    The ability to get things done, without being seen.
    The ability to erase anything from existence.

    Information on Powers:
    When watching through the eyes of the Entity I can see through one eye, This allows me to simultaneously be in 2 places at once. While doing this I can speak with the Entity, but not control it.

    Immense magical power, I've never learned to hone it, So I don't know what I can do with this Power.

    When separated for an extended distance from each other, we open an invisible force that slowly sucks in anything around it, Anything near the force disappears and is never seen from again. While with the Lady that took care of us, She ran an experiment. She had a camera become the victim to our separation. The footage shown on the Monitors was only for a short while before the Camera was no longer feeding info through to us. The items disappearing are being thrown into a City, drenched in Water, Tall White buildings set up in the effect of a Maze style and immense pressures of wind blowing through the alleys of these Buildings, causing the Wind Pressure to have a Domino effect. A Girl was noticed and seemed to wander around aimlessly, She was the only living thing there, Everything else was buildings in ruin and a City underwater.

    I'm not much into looks or caring what others think, I wear a European style Hoodie with a zipper that comes down from the right shoulder and Black baggy pants with a Chain attached and a distance calculator attached, This device was built for us so to help us not create another incident. I hardly wear shoes due to never leaving home, But I do have a pair of black steel-toed boots and short blond white hair.
  • Zero Class

    Honestly, there is actually no reason not to have it in Reboot.... what is Zero gonna do? Spit out abso equips? They start at lv.100 but they are not exactly strong nor do a lot of people main them. Some do which is fine but the majority just want him/her for their link skill. It's not like we're starting at lvl100 either... we literally need a 150+ Character before they are even unlocked. At this point, Nexon can make the req lvl200+ and everyone could still make a Zero in Reboot. it's been so long that 99% of people have a character to 200 by now. I personally don't play as much as I used to and even I have 2 200+ Characters and an entire account full of 140+ for Legion.

    In the end, Nexon is keeping Zero away from Reboot and there is actually no reason to other than *Were too lazy to unlock him in the coding*. They get nothing special nor do they cause any form of Meso Issue that can make them incredibly easy/broken in Reboot. The only thing they get is a decently easy Leveling experience for a short while and even that is negotiable since you can reach lv.200 in under an Hour using the right steps. While Zero has loads of cutscenes racking in an extra 30-40min of Gameplay just talking.

    No joke you can reach lvl150 on a normal char faster than a Zero can reach lv.125 due to cutscenes/talking moments.. bet me on it... you won't.