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May 2, 1995
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I'm a Maplestory Veteran all the way from Beta, I stream Maplestory on Twitch occasionally but i mostly Stream random games.
  • Are there easter eggs in Maplestory?

    TetrisSpy wrote: »
    theres one easter egg i found related to resistance class
    the first time you make a character you get a quest of finding 5 children's "hide and seek game"
    you will notice during the game you will only find 4 npc children's on the entire map can you find the 5th one? XD
    by the way I already know where he is.

    I always assumed he was just dead tbh, Fun easter egg about the area they're playing in, it's a landmine field... this isn't a joke btw.
    I can't remember exactly where I heard this from, but it was over 5 years ago and it was only really proven real in KMS. iirc someone translated a piece of text that said something along the lines of "Explosive Field ahead, Keep Out" and a Gate was open where the kids went inside.
  • Illium/Cadena cannot equip Narwhal Pillow weapon

    Same for Cadena, this needs to be fixed. only the newest characters seem to be having this happen. Assuming the Weapon was previously released in another version of MS that hadn't had Cadena/Illium yet released. Likely a coding Bug, they were not released at the time > causing their weapons to never be coded into working with the Narwhal. just my thought on it... this is a big issue for me since I main Cadena and was really happy to see a Narwhal... then hugely disappointed after trying to equip the Narwhal.

    P.S. there is a chair you can get from the box called *Cloud Heart Chair* or something like that. The only chair I was wanting and I received it on my Mule. Not a big deal since chairs are normally tradable from this Event... however it says *Requires a PSOK to become Tradable*. This isn't a big deal considering it's not an Equip thus meaning it being PSOK'd in Reboot would make it actually tradable within the account, However, the issue stands with PSOKs not existing in Reboot. Not sure if this was a glitch or intentional... kinda bs if intended.
  • Nova Event Confirmed 11/08 and Speculation.

    For anyone that hasn't seen it already, The Nova Attendance Event (assuming from the Nova Update) is listed in-game on the Events Area as Starting 11/08.

    From this, I assume we're receiving the first part of the Update either the 7th - 9th Or the week after. I could be wrong but I don't think Updates land on a Wednesday, Normally it is a Tuesday or Thursday iirc.

    With this info we can pretty much confirm when about Cadena will be released, If it works like KMS then Cadena will release on the 2nd update, Assuming the Part One lands on the 7th-9th I can see Cadena releasing between the 28th - 30th. This is assuming we receive the update spread out within a 2week or so Span each Part of the Nova Update similar to how KMS did it. Illium on the other hand, I don't see releasing until around Dec.

    Now for the issues I see happening. It was nearly 2 and a half months for the full Nova patch in KMS, If it goes off that same idea for GMS then it will conflict with the holiday season. This could either mean 2 things. Either we're not going to get a Christmas event this year OR were going to have events that were not in the original Nova update being tossed in. I am assuming the latter and if I am right about that then take this as a Warning, We might see an onslaught of events flying at us all at once for the next months. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Nova being mixed in with this.

    From what I remember we've only seen this happen one other time and many people didn't take part in a lot of events due to time constraints and the extreme amounts of them all happening.

    The only other way I can see this not conflicting with Holiday events is if they changed it from 5 Patches into a 3 Patch Update, Starting the 7th-9th and ending right before Christmas. I can see this happening since Thanksgiving isn't usually that big of a deal in MapleStory (event wise). But I highly doubt this will happen..... on a side note, there is a chance we won't be bored for a while.