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  • Transparency on Probability Rates for RNG features

    My guess is, if they disclose how low a probability for an item you're after, those after the item won't be motivated to keep buying the boxes or spins, due to the low probability.

    But I would like to see the intended probability of acquiring an item, because if I want the item bad enough, a low probability shouldn't stop me from trying.

    In my country, lotteries are required to disclose the chances of winning. The chance is, of course, very very low.
    Doesn't stop people from buying tickets. Everybody hopes to be the lucky one.
  • Old account

    You will need to contact Nexon Customer Support, at http://support-maplestory.nexon.net
    You might need to create a new account so you can create a ticket and talk to Live Chat support. That's ok. Just tell them you're trying to recover your old account.
  • Extra Storage

    As someone whose inventory is perpetually clogged with untradables, I made the suggestion before: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/14037/the-attic/p1
    And that thread is a recap of a thread on the old forums... so it's been years, and nothing has happened.
    I'll forward it again, maybe this time it will gain some traction.
  • Prime Scrolls Repeated Text

    Yes, it seems that Friday's unscheduled maintenance's attempt to fix minor text formatting issues (mainly superfluous "\r" and "\n") has made things considerably worse.
    Nexon has been informed.
  • [Reboot] Remove bonus MVP rewards from Fairy Bros

    I think the Fairy Bros MVP bonus, while small, is particularly obnoxious in that it's displayed very prominently on the Fairy Bros UI. Every single time you open it to claim your gift or check what the day's gift is, you see those little medals proclaiming "if you only spend a bit more NX, you can have this doubled!"

    And I agree with SadVirgin that MVP perks should never have applied to Reboot at all. Reboot MVP's should only gain cosmetic advantage.

    I disagree that nobody buys NX just for the MVP. I've seen quite a few people comment on Discord along the lines of "I need to buy some of the new style boxes to recover my MVP rank" and such. Not many people go from no spending to heavy spending just for MVP perks, but quite a few are tempted to pay "just a little more" to get to the next rank.
    (And the new info in the Cash Shop, about how much you need to spend to keep your rank into the next month, is certainly aimed in that direction as well).

    So yes, in my personal opinion (which does not necessarily represent either Nexon or the other VFMs), all Reboot MVP perks are p2w. Including the extra Fairy Bros gifts.