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  • Thought I may as well post here instead of a new topic post: Bug Type: Boss Spawn Brief bug summary: Chaos Horntail 1st head did not spawn, party of 2 More details: Looks like Channel 8 after going into entrance of Horntail's Cave. My frien…
  • Maple was live, and now it's down again???
  • This was updated? Wrong date, and there was nothing new in the post itself.. Edit: Now there's something new. But still wrong date. Edit 2: Compensation will be provided for all accounts created before June 12, 2019 10:00 PM UTC. -- Lol. A…
  • Unfortunately, they won't be changing that. I've actually asked something similar in the past. I do think they'll have Beast Tamer available for Mega Burning in the near future though.
  • Depends on what you're trying to do. 1. Big Spider Familiar is the most common for drop/meso rate. Mutant Snail is pretty common for bossing. 2. I don't believe so. JMS is the only server that can do that.
  • SwornKnight wrote: » @PetalMagic That's good to know. I'm also returning on a fresh account with only one character that is at lvl100. So yes, I will keep in mind about the Legion and Link Skill. Will have to look into it later. If this is the…
  • Arch_Alyssa wrote: » Hmm... That would make sense. Is it for normal server and Reboot server as well for the permanent set? I would imagine so, since this is not a server specific event / item. You can see the time duration once you get the 200…
  • Arch_Alyssa wrote: » Andromedy wrote: » You get both +12 30 days Fafnir SET, and a permanent non star forced Fafnir SET. It clearly lists both of the these in the Tera Burning event explanation. http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/49824/level…
  • HeyItsAfro wrote: » Arch_Alyssa wrote: » It's a mega burning. Right now is the Tera burning. The 2 mega burning is later in the summer. Ah, like two Mega Burning characters per world maybe? Yeah basically. Mega Burning is to 150. I doubt T…
  • Still no visibility as to why this unscheduled maintenance came about? With no time slated for the end, you'd think this kind of transparency would at least be given by now.
  • Yundai wrote: » Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): Hair Item name (English/Korean): Innocent Ponytail Hair Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link): http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/23436/updated-cash-sh…
  • In Reboot, I often see Demon Slayers, but not much of Dawn Warriors. I do know some of them though. To play DW you really need good ping to the servers though. I think the most uncommon these days are Mihile, Mercedes, Jett, and Beast Tamer. In R…
  • You should play what you find the most fun. Judging by statements on each character, I'd say Main Dark Knight. You love the playstyle, so simply play it :P
  • krsk wrote: » oh wow really? what server do you play in? In Mybckn you cant walk 5 steps without someone having it. man its so cool how different the servers are i eally wish we could do another merge zzz I'm in Reboot. I've been waiting for…
  • krsk wrote: » TsukiBaka wrote: » 5 days till New Royal Hairs I believe? Still hoping Soprano makes it! low key feel like soprano should be vip since 90% of the male population rocks it. hoping for some real NEW styles or at least ones we h…
  • 5 days till New Royal Hairs I believe? Still hoping Soprano makes it!
  • Sadly, Beast Tamer is just bugged to hell. Here's hoping they get buffed and bugs fixed in the future. With Jett being revamped for GMS, I am hopeful.
  • Peep wrote: » This is how it's meant to be. It was like that in KMS for ages and they decided to finally bring it over to ours after fixing various bugs. This. -- Also.. I consider HMag to be pretty okay in comparison to CVell.. With 700k ra…
  • Thankfully, they are fixing the instancing stuff and hopefully the levels issue is fixed too. Here's hoping everyone can get their heart/roid they want in time. As some people have mentioned, this is a Perm Heart that doesn't cost any cash. I lik…
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » AKradian wrote: » This is a very welcome fix, even this late in the event. Some people, especially low-levels in Reboot, have been unable to use Investigation Mode at all, because every run is cut short either due to the …