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Censorship Suggestion.... Round 3 Extended!


  • PoplmonPoplmon
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    Fawko wrote: »
    What is the point of collecting weekly feedback if it takes over 2 years for Nexon to even look at it?

    Seriously. I just tested out that "the willpower" thing, and all the ones where the messages don't go through on all chat. They're still in place. If Nexon somehow thinks this is charming, they're mistaken.

    Also seriously confused and moderately frustrated at the dude with the 3 character IGN (how do you do that? Wanted to do that for a guild name, but couldn't find anything.) who is level 162.

    I also noticed on the first page of the thread, there was a post removed asking about a toggleable censor. There are further posts about that as well that haven't been removed, so I'm assuming Nexon have abandoned this thread for one reason or another.
  • LatemasterLatemaster
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    kaupa (basically means getting sold in finnish and the bad word is from some tribal language)
    anai (margana is, lana is, tana is...)
  • AlanctAlanct
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    To be honest, I feel like censorship is overwhelming, to the point that it's actually getting harder to communicate trying to find the word combination that would deliver the message we intend to. My very sincere suggestion would be for you guys to let us have the desition to activate and deactivate censorship. I understand that there are a lot of children/teenagers playing this game, and part of censorship keeps us from
  • CutieMikuCutieMiku
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    I have a suggestion (although someone probably said it before)
    Why not the Nexon team make a Disable / Enable censorship filter option in the game settings??
    Obviously showing a warning message when the user wants to disable this option.

    Other online games use this type of system, and this would solve the problem for those who don't mind reading some bad words~ lol

    Sorry for my bad English, and Long live freedom of expression!~
  • ShadowRikuShadowRiku
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    Why are words such as clapping censored?

    There's some fairly inappropriate words that aren't, ironically enough.
  • KibbIeruKibbIeru
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    I'm not gunna lie i was kinda excited cuz i thought this was a thread for extending the 3rd dmt round LOL

    what's the point of censoring all these weird words in a bunch of different languages that nobody knows? it's just a nuisance when people accidentally type them while trying to say something else.