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Game improvement.


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    CWKPQ will be hard to make anyway as GMS lose population it gets harder and harder
    its just myth allready
    just like f2p balance in nonreboot

    next memeo be like :
    we decide to remove new leaf city We have reviewed the gameplay data for the content in MapleStory and saw that few players were participating in these quests. Since this is the case, we have decided to remove these quests, to clean up some old data that can potentially be abused and better manage our client size.

    why fix bugs when we can remove them and save game data


    we wont forgot
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    I personally really like Aggraphine's idea. It'll take the same amount of days to max a symbol, just significantly less work per day. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. I do believe that if you've put it in the hard work on your main, you should be able to reap the benefits of that hard work on your mules. Akradian's idea could work as well. Increasing the number of symbols obtained from dailies based on your highest ARC character sounds just as solid to me.
    I don't believe in instant gratification however. Account-shared ARC sounds like a terrible idea to me. I currently have exactly 1k ARC on my main. So if i get 5th job on a mule I'd instantly get 10k stat and enough ARC to render most of Arcane River mobs harmless? That just feels wrong. Even if you only get the ARC from symbols you currently have access to on that secondary character, it would still be too much in my opinion. MMO's require hard work and dedication. This is nothing new. Choosing what dailies on which characters you're gonna run in the time you have available is just part of it. If you want to have a second main, maybe decide to neglect certain other dailies in favor of Arcane River ones. I have guildies doing just that and they're doing fine.
    Maybe I'm just the patient type.
  • ShadEightShadEight
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    zoutzakje wrote: »
    It'll take the same amount of days to max a symbol
    That's the problem to begin with, not the 'work per day'.