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DMT Issues 7/18


  • TurtlesRockTurtlesRock
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    edited July 2020
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    edited July 2020

    For more detailed about the DMT event compensation for NA Reboot players, please click the link below.
  • SedixionSedixion
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    LOOOOOOL, people were out here wondering how many Legendary Pot Scrolls we'd get and the compensation is 2x Unique Pots.

    So people who saved billions for DMT don't get a single guaranteed Legendary out of TWOOOOOOOOOOO failed runs of the event.

    What an absolute mockery.
  • detexdetex
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    edited July 2020
    It's so sad how out of touch you guys are.

    We waited 3 weeks, once again, for a pathetic attempt at compensation. They couldn't even think of giving us a non-limited cube sale.

    As mentioned before, we took steps to reduce the potential for server disruptions, including improved code optimization and server hardware upgrades, prior to rerunning the DMT event on July 18. However the amount of activity on the server during that period was so high that we did not feel we could make the needed improvements on short notice. We deeply apologize for the instability issues during the DMT events, and we will seek to improve DMT's stability for future events. As a result, we would like to provide the above compensation as a token of our apology for the players who experienced the instability issue during the DMT event.

    The worst part of this is that there is a vague lie of improving DMT stability, but absolutely no mention of trying to get a working DMT event up and running soon. I guess we'll wait another 6 months for the next DMT when the pandemic is over so that the servers aren't on fire. That way Nexon America and it's useless team won't need to do anything, and all will be back to the status quo.

  • XceedXceed
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    This one hurts...you guys (Nexon) had every opportunity to turn a good event for the community during quarantine into a reason why players would return to the game. Now there's just no way I can defend one of my favorite childhood games from the constant memes surrounding the state of the game...because the memes are true. Looking forward, if there even is a next time, expecting more from you guys...

    While I appreciate that there is a limited amount devs and community managers can do in a short amount of time, and while I thank you for being cordial @Ghiblee, this is just....no words....a disappointment to say the least, some may say a mockery, a failure.

    Not sure where you got the impression a Bebe box with 2 unique potential scrolls would compensate for the now expiring cubes of a lot of people who were hoping to use even a fraction of them during DMT....and now have no more mesos to spend during 5/10/15 event
  • MushroomBoyMushroomBoy
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    I quit. Uninstalling now, bye nexon
  • iLikeRichCloiLikeRichClo
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    I agree with Xceed. This is absolutely ridiculous. The memes are justified.
    How can you expect us to be patient and support the company, while not delivering on your end?
    Why should we continue to be nice when you put us down and belittle us like this?
  • RaySummersRaySummers
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    There's a famous quote that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I hope whoever is responsible for planning the next DMT will understand this and come up with something new and functional like the blessing event in MSEA as opposed to trying the three 1-hour time slots again.

    Please use logic and common sense when considering future DMTs.