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Dutch trading restrictions.


  • Lennnnn1Lennnnn1
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    As mentioned above , Nexon really didnt have to go this far with these restrictions. Its just an easy way out and shows they really have zero care for the players.

    When they made their initial announcement, saying that they will have to restrict certain functions of the auction house/mesos market i was dissappointed, but i kept playing because they literally said in the post "we are working to hopefully help alleviate any frustration this change might cause you. This left me with some hope that the game would still be playable for us, and i could personally not believe that they would make a large % of the playerbase (in Luna) quit.

    So 3 weeks pass, and they finally post an update about the situation, basically a copy paste of the first announcement, but confirming they will block ALL trading functions, and have no solution for it either. Saying some dutch players might wanna start over in reboot is just disgusting to even suggest after taking everyones progress away. I dont understand why nexon doesn't even wanna come up with an acceptable compensation at all....

    I guess the only positive thing that comes from this is that i will no longer be playing a nexon game, truly the worst company out there.
  • RikNLRikNL
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    edited October 2021
    How do people at Nexon read te Ducth law? In Dutch?
    I've recieved an e-mail with information in English. Why not in Dutch? If they did we could see the quality of the Dutch language at Nexon...
  • rizariza
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    Make Dutch Mapling Great Again :D
  • MeowSanderzMeowSanderz
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    Nexon needs to actually start reading the real laws, this is another absolute unthought decision by nexon making me quit the game. I always loved MapleStory, but I cant live with nexon anymore. Nexon you suck!
  • Thereal47RoninThereal47Ronin
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    Well fellow Dutchies, we all know what to do. Get the power of VPN and all is solved. :) F the dutch coverment.