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Someone one can help me please

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I bouth a macbook pro it says to me this
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  • EshmanEshman
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    My apologies but I have no idea what you intended to say. I'm guessing, "You bought a macbook pro and it says this," is what you were attempting to post but also the image didn't apply either. However, let me also suggest before you re-attempt posting anything more that this forum is for general MapleStory-related topics not hardware/software support so you may have to re-post (or ask a kind admin to move) this elsewhere.
  • rizariza
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    NoamBlade wrote: »
    I bouth a macbook pro it says to me this

    The forums been mess up and the Ux/ui after so many years I’m surprised it never been updated I say when you post check a preview but even with that this system old so it won’t work well until nexon fixes it