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What year did you first play MapleStory?


  • ZetamiZetami
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    edited November 2016
    That's pretty cool that most of you guys started playing quite a few years ago or even before 2010, and still play. I occasionally still log in, and I'll probably stay for a while to try out 5th job.
  • real_turlesreal_turles
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    2003. Played Beta MS Tespia ( https://maplewiki.net/index.php?title=Tespia ), before gMS Scania and played the first day Scania came out. I recently came back to my character which is now named "#0000001856" so it's kind of cool showing people I was in the first 2,000 account registered.
    https://i.imgur.com/0t1vBx9.jpg My char was originally "Bryan" but someone else has it now. :( I used to be known for being one of the 3 founding members of Hidden-Street.net, which while still active, is used a lot less due to competition. The forum is also dead as a doorknob! (hint hint).

    Everything was so different in beta. We ONLY had Victoria Island. Mushmom and Jr. Balrog were the only spawning bosses. You could get Ilbis from Mushmom. Doombringer (the black-white outlined lv70 2H sword-it's a diff name now), Evil Wings (it's Evil something now, and lvl60 now), also was a lvl70 equip then. Nothing else higher than that. Cromi was the next best magician weapon. No Thorns. Best earrings were Blue Moons dropped by Wild Kargoes.

    Near the very end of beta, they lowered the channel count from 20 to 10, then to 2. Rog didn't even drop equips anymore. Everyone stood outside the Ellinia -> Ossyria depart map and said our goodbyes.
  • Jen0vaCoreJen0vaCore
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    I don't remember the year, but it was beta 0.02. A few patches before they added skin color options.
  • HeroDjinnHeroDjinn
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    all i remember is that i was a beta tester, got a mark of the beta, moved to Bera, where my Hero was born
  • Sammy_KunSammy_Kun
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    I started in 2006, when we still rolled for the initial settings, and hoped for the best. My first major character was a cleric. It was fun then not really knowing what to do. A friend of mine brought me in, he quit two years later, then I did as well. I've been on and off again since then. Now I'm BACK in it with the fifth job update... once it finishes.
  • Sweetheart123Sweetheart123
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    Sammy_Kun said:

    I started in 2006, when we still rolled for the initial settings, and hoped for the best. My first major character was a cleric. It was fun then not really knowing what to do. A friend of mine brought me in, he quit two years later, then I did as well. I've been on and off again since then. Now I'm BACK in it with the fifth job update... once it finishes.
    lol i remember this this was before we even had to enter pic
    rolling 4/4 was a chore
    before hp washing was even a thing lol

    i joined in 04
    i played the closed beta
    scania was called Tespia
    when there was only 1 and 2nd jobs of the 4 core classes
    Mage, Thief, Warrior, archer
    no where to tain but vic
    i remember when orbis came out and they released the orbis tower
    OML What a chore those teleport scrolls were to make
    going down to el nath GG HOW FUN THE KS WARS WERE IN Coolies map 4
    as a assassin
    i was one of the first players to hit level 100 < back when 10 attack wg were the beez neez >
    and Cleric < my cleric ign = Rocki> after Stephen< if anyone remembers him he got to 120 as a cleric LOL> LOL
    few of my characters still actually have the Mark of beta
    Even have the original hair and face LOL
  • FleaFlea
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    I've been playing on and off since 2006 on Broa and Reboot and it was fun back in the day when getting a zhelm was something special. My main char was a dk named Ginjiban, but since I'm coming back to maple again, i might try something new.
  • UserRedUserRed
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    I just joined this year! I started around August where I mained Mercedes on Renegades until I forgot my PIC. I got it back around early October and made a Pirate on Reboot, which I have mained ever since. I eventually realised that I had a Mercedes sitting around in Renegades and deleted it, only to create another one when the burning event happened. I then made a Dawn Warrior and Phantom on Reboot, and an Evan on Renegades.
  • DiamondSkyyDiamondSkyy
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    May 2015, I believe.
  • SeippoSeippo
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    I don't remember when,but it was when Kaiser was just released.
  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    I started back when Cygnus Knights were introduced & yes I went Dex & luck which I eventually had to give up on that NightWalker @ 70, which later got hacked, than started over on a new account main dual blade since 2010, but now I have to say my pally is consider my main in Nova/Bellocan.
  • EucilleEucille
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    I think... in 2011. Briefly.
  • LolaBunnyLolaBunny
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    2009-2010, it was somewhere before Big Bang happened.
  • KittyIsAUKittyIsAU
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    Late 2012, around September. My friend kept telling me to play this game so I finally caved and made a Demon Slayer in Scania. 4 years later, I've become a Thunder Breaker main playing in Chaos.
  • YakudleYakudle
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    2007 at the time mushroom shrine was new no 4th job yet and no leafre aswell
  • DeputyDerpyDeputyDerpy
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    Mine was 2005, I believe it was either before or after beta. I'm not sure. I played on my bros account before, and it was beta then, but When I joined... I think it was after beta...
  • BewbzBewbz
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    2005. Still have the 2006 LE Halloween basket lol
  • DalethDaleth
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    I joined some time in 2010 when the evan was the newest char, I have played (on and off, but mostly on) ever since! I still use the evan I created when it came out as my main.

    EDIT: I was around before that, but I never really played for more than a day before the evan came out.
  • BarfonwhalesBarfonwhales
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    about 12 years ago when i was in 7th grade. so what 2004/5 there were not many realms back then only scania, broa, khaini, bera and windia with scania being the heavily populated one and only were explorers. max level was 200. i remember it somewhat specifically as 7th-8th grade for the fact that my friends were talking about it and i asked one if he could download it for me because i didn't know how to download pc games back then. then people started to question me that maplestory wasn't even released in those days because when they actually released the maplestory anniversary event it would say something like Maplestory 1st birthday or something yet it actually was on for a few years prior to that event being released.

    those days were REALLY fun everyone did pq's and partied for bosses like zakum now people are just soloing them which imo is a bit sad i mean yea your over geared but the newer bosses seem to be able to get solo'd fairly quickly. seems like the only MMO aspect of this game is to sit in Hene and chat to people everything else looks dead. i'll maybe see one or 2 people leveling in the same zone as me for about 2 minutes max then they leave and don't say a word.
  • LuminnaraLuminnara
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    2007, made a magician. Screwed up my stats because I didn't know what I was doing. XDDDDD
    I think I stayed until 2010, then quit for a while.
    Came back from time to time in 2014, and then fully this year.