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Compensation for bugged MMF event.

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edited September 2016 in General Chat
As some of you might know, using one of the complimentary tickets, obtained through JM's quests, to enter an MMF minigame completely locks you out from entering another minigame. All it does now is telling me "They're cleaning up after the last event". This problem has been reported in the bugs section and been forwarded to whoever it may concern by a forum mod.
Can we expect any compensation for all the daily entries that we are missing out on now? Assuming this won't be fixed until the next server maintenance that's about 36-42 attempt gone to waste. And with an event that's already hard enough as it is, a week's worth of attempts is a pretty big deal.


  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    edited September 2016

    you've got a lot of time left no need for compensation at this point.

  • 5toxic5toxic
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    Ya I agree with you Rail a week worth is big time problem that's 6 entries a day making it 42 missed times or more if not fixed in next maintenance and like me I always perfect henesys every day six times so thats 120coins times 7 days which is 840 potential coins which is completely unfair for me, and so what if there's still time later I lose out regardless. Nexon should compensate in one way or another and not to everyone cause thats bs, just to those affected
  • CatoooloooCatooolooo
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    I hope they fix this, it's annoying.
  • OrblitOrblit
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    They don't believe in compensation for bugged events.
  • iamfulliamfull
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    I think its been long enough that just being able to do the event again would be compensation...