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Which class should I main?

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in General Chat
I can't decide between Thunder Breaker, Buccaneer, Demon Slayer and Lumi.

I already have an Evan and a Bishop, but I was looking for something to main. I was going to do Bishop but I changed my mind.

Out of these which do you think I should main?

I know it's all up to personal preference, but I just came back after a few years break and don't really know what's strong anymore.


  • PigabaPigaba
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    edited June 2018
    Both Thunder Breaker and Buccaneer have very low durability (low defense, not to mention TB doesn't have perm 100% stance).
    I would choose between either Lumi or Demon Slayer. They're both good mobbers, and have good utilities against bosses as well.
    Lumi is much better mobber than DS, but DS is better at bossing.
    Both are strong classes, so just choose based on your preference.
  • DiximaNDiximaN
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    I'd go for Demon Slayer
  • LadysioLadysio
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    Thunder breaker: Awesome mobber decent bosser squishy like mage with no magic guard.

    Bucc: Decent mobber (Excellent after 5th job you just be come run&jump man with LoD) Great bosser WITH stance and a buff everyone loves!

    Demon slayer: Great at both

    Lumi:...stoped playing after they changed his dps into a stance dance adn then nerfed his teleport into the ground!

    I would go for bucc LoD is lazy mans way to grind lol
  • DSpellGuyDSpellGuy
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    edited June 2018
    I personally like the Demon Slayer over Lumi due to the changes Lumi got on his light/darkness swapping. As for TBreaker and Bucc - I don't really much care for Bucc's skills and TBreaker eats up MP rather quickly. That and it being squishy, etc makes it hard to boss and grind with.
  • walkerrrwalkerrr
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    Go with blaster if you're looking for a strong and fun class