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Maple Story now have frequent memory leak

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edited July 2018 in Bug Reporting
Before the Monard patch, the average memory usage of Maple Story is around 1 gb.
After the Monard patch, the average memory usage is around 1.5gb, and will frequently raise up to to 2-3gb before crashing much much more frequently.

Character name: Rexaar2
Server: Scania
Character level: 235
Class: Hero


  • DarkZettaDarkZetta
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    edited July 2018
    Adding my two cents to this as well. Ever since the update my client will memory leak on average 2 times a day. It quickly increases to 3.5GB to 4GB before it kills itself.
  • EtzuEtzu
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    Yea, i thought this was just me but this happends on multiple pc's for me. On windows 7 elements start disapearing from the map thanks to this so you dont see people or monsters. And on win 10 it just closes itself after sometime.

    Also started noticing this after the Monad update the game has been running fine before.
  • HHG1HHG1
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    Likewise. At least 2-3 mem leaks per day on average now compared to maybe 1-2 a week previously.

    Windows 10 btw.
  • ElaieElaie
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    edited August 2018
    I too am experiencing this same issue at least 4-5 times per day where Maplestory goes from 1 gb up to 4 gb usage. It lags out my computer very bad and I have to force Maplestory close with task manager because it has bogged down my entire OS and causing Maplestory to go into fits where it freezes for several minutes, unlags for a few seconds then starts freezing again.

    Also experiencing issues where some of the game's graphics stop loading in which causes me to crash upon switching maps. Not sure if these issues are related to each other. Figured I would note it anyway.

    OS: Windows 10 (Ver. 1607, Build 14393.351)
  • mapleCezmapleCez
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    Yep. Once maplestory.exe uses almost 4 Gigs memory (average 3.7 G) I will start to notice :
    - music not changing when entering another map.
    - missing textures (missing buildings/ background / character missing body parts.. etc..)
    - monsters slowly spawn in when I know they shouldnt
    - crashed MS client when ever i tried to use Evolution(add cores) if I was long longer than 3 hours on or memory is high
    (lost quite a few Evolution coins in the process)

    Usually happens when I am playing for long periods (3+ hours)
    Clean starting MS client or it crashes(whichever first) fixes the problem.. until the memory starts adding up again. Rinse and repeat.

    Got 12 Gigs of ram for the record.
    i7 Windows 7 64 bit
    2 SDD
    bare minimum background app when playing
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    edited August 2018
    This happens very often (daily) ever since ark part 2. It was never this often before.