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Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

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The Black Mage is searching for qualified individuals to join the ranks of top tier commanders in their effort to destroy the Maple World. These individuals must be passionate, capable, and experienced in monologuing their tragic back stories. Having a tragic backstory is mandatory.

What the Black Mage Wants:

‣ Edgy. The sharper the edge, the better. We're looking for someone packing a ton of edge. One eye covered with an eye patch? Great. Emitting a dark aura of some sort? Perfect. Your favorite color is Black? Excellent!
‣ A quirk or skill that can be used to take out those who get in the way of the Black Mage. We've already seen swords fly, objects fall from the sky, the dead being revived, dreams made into reality, mirrors and spiders... so what can you do that makes you special?
‣ Individuals who aren't camera shy are a plus. More than likely you will have a lot of screen time as well as a Blockbuster.


‣ Tragic Backstory
‣ Doesn't ask questions and does what is told
‣ Impartial to the destruction of the Maple World. Black Mage not liable for possible inclusion in said destruction
‣ 3+ years of being a villain
‣ Cannot be swayed by logic, facts, morality, or tears
‣ No ulterior motives with the Black Mages' agenda

How to Apply:

‣ Submit your resume as a forum post below
‣ There is no specific templates provided. You are more than welcome to be as creative as you'd like in your entry
‣ The requirement you must fulfill in your entry is simply answering this: "Why should the Black Mage choose you?"


‣ 65,000 Maple Points
‣ 35,000 Maple Points
‣ 25,000 Maple Points

This contest ends on November 14th, 2018 @11:59 PM PDT.

MageOfBattlesNibboToro_FalamuffulittledrummKuroki7DaxterbeerPetalmagicSharionStarCatharanthusIvangoldand 5 others.


  • littledrummlittledrumm
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  • littledrummlittledrumm
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    as much as i want to do this but .... i don't do that.... this is just to hire people ?
  • Kuroki7Kuroki7
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    My name… I no longer know what it is, I only know I want this world to end.

    My story goes way back in time, when I was nothing but a kid who had big aspirations in life. I remember that I used to be happy. However, I no longer know how it feels…
    My village got involved in a fight for power, fueled by human greed and cruelty. I was the only survivor. The only thing I remember were the corpses of my mother and my sister. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I felt despair, sadness, but for the first time in my life I felt hatred. What killed my family was humanity’s fault, the world’s fault. I had to put an end to it. That was the catalyst which broke me free from my chains and granted me fearsome powers, I had the ability to change the destiny of everyone around me.
    Mayhem, death and destruction unleashed wherever I passed by. You can hide, but you can’t escape your destiny.

    I pledge myself to the Black Mage, my power could be a valuable asset for him. This world will come to an end, their people brought this upon themselves. It is destiny…

  • ZerekkZerekk
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    I have seen this world change.
    I watched the maple world shatter and be reborn with the big bang. My sister is still trapped at Florina beach. My brother vanished when he was training in the ant tunnel. I lost my parents in the old Training grounds. I can still remember the days they spent, rolling those dice for the perfect stats. Now, i lost my only love who was on vacation in Singapore when it all disappeared....

    I am done. The maple world cannot go on like this. It is time we put an end to it, once and for all. Its is time for a final change, and i will help you achieve it!
    Now, why should the Black Mage choose me you ask? I know patience and sacrifice, grinding carnival pq and killing myself over and over, so that i wouldn't out level it and not be able to get my 50 coin pendant. I spent months exploring the world and locating all the hidden streets BEFORE they were visible to anyone passing by. I fought and killed the iron hog at pigs beach and grinded party quests like there was no tomorrow! I've spent blood and tears for several years and i have watched you rise to power. You will find no better servant, than me!

  • Shalev9Shalev9
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    My name is dark my home is death my family are power. Since i remember myself i was bad i stole staff i hurt people and i was the best at fights i think im stronger then the black what ever and i can lead him to the victory cuase i allways get what i want and if not then its the end...
  • MageOfBattlesMageOfBattles
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    Hello, oh Great One, my name is Knox the Disruptor. I hail from the dark region you all refer to as, err, Friendstory. I have come here to join the ranks of your commanders, with me on your side we will annihilate those wicked humans.
    So you want to know more about me? Even though I’m clearly the best choice for the job? Fine then, but this information of unending sadness, grief, and agony may prove too much for even your mind, Black mage! I have shaggy black hair, of course. My skin is white, and pale as the moon. My grey eyes are gaunt, the sorrow I hide within them cannot be contained.
    I wear a long sleeve gray shirt, covered by a button up black shirt, which I always wear unbuttoned. My black jeans and shoes are a rival for your own black robe. Ah, this ripped white scarf I wear? I keep it to remind me of who I used to be before I was enlightened with true power.
    What? That wasn’t enough for you to take me as a commander? Fine, this information should be more than sufficient. My favorite food is squid ink pasta (the color makes it taste better). I spend my free time by plotting the best way to destroy the world. Every year I visit the cemetery to honor the woman who I had once loved.
    You want to know more about her? Well that requires me to tell you my deep and dark backstory, full of unending grief! Sadness! And Agony!

    It was four years ago, It had been a day like any any other, I was walking my ferocious and fierce watchdog…Waffles, when countless streaks of darkness flew through the sky. I watched with a mixture of terror and fascination when one of them collided into me. The agony was unbearable as something changed within me, the darkness kept building, and building, until it exploded.
    My poor furry companion was destroyed immediately, the first step into my path of unending sadness! Grief! And agony! But then, the darkness gave me a gift, though I did not see it as one. A shock wave ran through the entire city block, and immediately it began to melt. Not from heat, make no mistake, I had been gifted the ability to change the state of matter, but what was more is I found that I was able to control what I changed.
    Though the loss of Waffles had been great, I tried to push on, and in my naivete I tried to become a hero. All of my heroics were met with nothing but disaster, and despite my good intentions, I was labeled a villain. All of my loved ones abandoned me, calling me a monster, except one. My betrothed, the only one who believed my intentions, the one who never lost faith in me.
    She should have.
    Before long my name became widespread, I was hunted, and because my betrothed allied herself with me, so was she. That fateful day soon came, a group of people kidnapped her and held her as a hostage. Their terms? My demise. Only when I went to the location they had specified did I see they hadn’t had any intention of keeping her alive.
    My grief was all consuming, and I became the monster they believed I was. They had no chance. I melted the very ground beneath their feet, I made sure their end was slow. And when I left, the area was unrecognizable. Everything twisted and deformed in unnatural ways, it was then that I resolved to end humanity, the same humanity that hunted me as a beast.

    That is why I am here. I am willing to destroy whatever you desire without question, whenever you want me to, I understand that your plans take time. I will be patient until my time comes, but know that when it does I will be without mercy, and I will not hold back against your enemies. I swear eternal loyalty to you, oh Great One.
  • NibboNibbo
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  • FingahmastahFingahmastah
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    When I was younger, I was happy.

    As long as I can remember I always had the power to see the memories of any living being, but at a great cost. Their life.

    I had a wife and a kid. We were happy but I was never able to spend enough time with my son to realize he was on the wrong path.

    One day I woke up in the middle of the night to hear a scream downstairs. I ran as fast as I could to only find my son standing over his mother with a sword in hand. Trembling, he dropped it and ran off with whatever he took so he can pay a debt.

    To ease her suffering I brought my wife close and looked into her eyes. It was then I realized I can alter her memories, that was the best I was ever able to do for her. From the time she met me to our son's own birth it was like we never existed.

    This I swore to seek judgment on my son, he was my responsibility and I failed everyone.

    The entire world is full of war, terror, and outcomes you never imagined. My dream is to serve the black mage and rid everyone of their suffering.
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    Commander Daxter

    Your greatness, it would be an honor serve you and aid in the destruction of Maple World As someone who cannot get a job or enroll in a university, the best thing is to do unite with those who despise the world and wish to decimate it. I share a common interest since I am surrounded by people who fear and hate me. Together we can mold this pathetic world of people who walked on us and form a new world where we won't have to suffer again. My body is covered with cuts and bruises that cannot be healed. The only way I can live with this suffering is by inflicting a greater pain to others.

    I was previously enrolled in Kerning City High School as a shy nerd. I was constantly tormented by bullies for my height. I've been ruthlessly beaten for 3 years from freshmen year to junior year. The 2 jerks, Dennis and Darnel were the source of my misery. It wasn't until senior year that I snapped and went to the school roof and dropped a textbook on Dennis, cracking his skull in front of his friends. Darnel soon joined Dennis when I broke a flask from the lab and slit his throat. 3 years of tasting dirt and my own blood has finally come to end. However, within a week, I was expelled and I was blacklisted from all schools. As a result of this, I didn't get my diploma or continue my education despite being smart. No school, college, job instructor or prison wanted to be near me. The GMs are too afraid to even go near me or ban me. I now wander Maple World with no friends, no home, no family and no way of continuing my education or getting a profession. I wish to send all those who oppose me to hell.

    -Able to turn anything into a lethal weapon
    -Skilled at unarmed combat
    - Overwhelming durability after being beaten for 3 years (I also cannot feel pain or temperature)
    -Active regardless of time of day (I won't sleep on my job, Master)
    -Holds extensive knowledge of each member of the "Alliance" and their weaknesses
    -Master of stealth assassination

    Any edginess?
    My body is covered with cuts and bruises that cannot be healed. I also wear my hoodie to cover my eyebrow that hasn't grown back.

    Weapon: Serrated Knife, fists, feet, improvised objects
    Skills: Speed, night vision, strong durability, stealthy movement
    Abilities: Able to darken the world, make use of any weapons as well as steal weapons from their owners, master of unarmed combat

    NOTE: I am not psychotic or someone who talks about killing and murder, but Arwoo is looking for the best Black Mage Commander. I am just creating a story where someone is bullied, they got revenge and society is now too scared go near him. As a result, the commander is permanently rejected.

    This fictional backstory I've constructed is based off my own struggles in high school minus killing or being arrested/expelled. I am perfectly sane and I am only exaggerating to make it sound like I am Maple world's most fear/hated.

  • MikuloverMikulover
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    Backstory...? Darkness has existed since the dawn of time. To ask me of my past is to request a story that spans far beyond your feeble mortal lifespan for I am simply a piece of this fulminating collaboration of despair. I would much rather make an example of your enemies to prove my worth, but if it is a story you desire I shall recite the events that lead to the birth of the vessel I currently inhabit.

    I was but a normal human, born in a village that was far from normal. I led a normal life up until I had reached the age of 12, when I came to know how it was to be called the source of all evil. The villagers had decided that to cleanse their souls of sin and to keep their purity, they needed a scapegoat to blame for every bad thing that ever befell them, and that scapegoat was me. I was chosen to be the evil that would prove the villagers souls were pure. Years upon years I was tortured until I had not a speck of sanity left in me.They cut me and cursed me until the only feeling I knew was hatred. They kept me alive on the brink of death for generations using forbidden techinques, continuing this charade just so they could feel like they were pure, honest humans while I held all the evil in the world.

    After uncountable years had passed in the cave, the evil the villagers had pushed onto me started taking physical form. Before I knew it I had turned into a vessel of pure hatred and could move my limbs again. This power, which I named "Amor-Odium", was powerful and unique beyond what any of you feeble mortals can imagine. Yet, when I left the cave to test my new power on the heretic mortals that had caused me so much suffering, I simply skipped doing that entirely. You see, the only feeling left in me was hatred, but my hatred had also mutated into a form of love. I love, therefore I destroy. The villagers were all pitiful, so they weren't deserving of my love so I simply left, after getting rid of my old, human vessel that was rotten beyond redemption, roaming the world as a being consisting of pure hatred, still feeling the curses they put directly upon my body to this day. The trivial human name I had been given at birth was of no value to me anymore, so I got rid of it and named myself HL.

    I donned a dark robe and ventured through Maple world, visiting many islands over the course of many years, yet not a single one was worthy of my love. They were all boring and without potential, not worthy of my time. What meaning is there in destroying islands and killing millions if they cant even lift a finger against me?

    Now this might make you think that I am all talk and have nothing else going for me, since I just keep telling you I let everyone go since noone interested me. You might even be foolish enough to think I am simply excusing my lack of power by calling it disinterest or love. To disperse foolish thoughts like these. I will tell you the tale of the single battle I did fight where I made use of some of my true power.

    It was a day like any other when I spotted a red, short-haired woman in a manly suit wearing leather gloves walking down the road. As soon as I looked into her eyes I felt her killing intent like a thousand needles pressed against me. She instantly jumped at me and struck me with her gloved fist. It had such power that even a vessel made of pure hatred, such as mine, took considerable damage. She used techniques not of this world, and she was certainly no pirate. She struck me 3 more times before punching me so hard I got blown away. But me taking damage was not inconvenient for me. No, not at all, since I am pure hatred, and I am blessed with a defensive power far above the likes of damage reflect. While she was chasing my flying body down I uttered the name of my special curse, "Scribe dolore". She immediately hunched over in pain at the curse's activation. It's simple yet magnificent at the same time. As any true villain I explained how it works to her like I will now to you. Any damage I sustain is stored in my hateful spirit for a certain time, and once I utter the words, the pain of these wounds will be perfectly copied to the inflicting party, That is "Scribe dolore". It may not be of much use if the user would die before being able to activate it, but me dying is not a concern with the power I possess.

    But do not misunderstand, the woman was not giving up so easily. It was the first time in my hateful life I even entertained the thought that I might have found someone that might be worthy of my love. As a special treat I wanted to let her taste another one of my trump cards, one I am quite proud of. I channeled my pure hatred into a spear, it's density so thick it could corrupt even gods, as when I go all-out I do it stylishly. If this spear touches the heart, the victim would be corrupted by hatred. Additonally, once cast it would seek out any humanoid-shaped victim and aim for their heart like a homing missile. I uttered the name, "hastam et odio", and made to throw the spear at her. As I was throwing the spear, I noticed that mysterious woman had a globe-like item she had taken out from a tube in her hand, and the ball was glowing mysteriously. As soon as I had thrown the spear the whole scenery twisted and warped, until I came back to being alone on the road, like nothing had happened, aside from a hole in my chest where my heart would have been if I was still a mere mortal. The woman was nowhere to be seen, and I wonder to this day how our battle ended this way. Even though it disgusts me to use this particular word, I hope to meet her again someday to finish our fight as it did damage my pride quite a bit, but I put that aside for now.

    I have come to make you choose me as a your new commander after hearing your grand plans for Maple world. No place in this world has been worthy of my love, so promise to show me a world that really is worthy of it after our victory and I will swear absolute loyalty to you until the very end! If you are ever foolish enough to wonder why I should be worthy of taking the seat of a black mage commander, then you should know that no Human,Nova,Flora nor Transcendent can unleash destruction and despair as much as me with my power fueled by pure hatred. You might be the ultimate darkness, but I am the ultimate hatred incarnate.

  • arikzarikz
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    Moderator note: Entry hidden pending review.
  • DragventurerDragventurer
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    Today marks the 101st anniversary of when Freud and his bunch sealed up you, O Great One. I am what my "friends" call me Lord. Though I am not sure what I am a Lord of, I'm a Lord to them.

    I hear you are looking for a story. A tragic one, yes? Hear me out then.

    Three-thousand nine hundred fifty days ago, Maplerary 1st on the 91st year since Freud and his nasty bunch, I was among great opulence. Inherited from my godfather Don, Maple's mafia boss, before even King Von Leon today. In his eyes, I was simply not his nephew but also his avid follower, and a godfather-in-training. Sure I was only 21 Maple years old, but I was already a General of the Crimson Accolades, second highest rank of them all... second only to the title of Godfather. We had various victories in our big-scale war against the Ozone brigade, our rival mafia-military clan, both of our sides had powerful Blaze Wizards and other classes but ours was just slightly better.

    ...But there was something about the whole war that even though it was a victory for us was a loss for me. While I commanded the 7th division onto the unknown terrain of Northern Heights in the dreaded Blackgate City, the Godfather commanded the Grande Armee of Musketeers (in reality it was a lot of corsairs). Him and I split up, each taking our sides and calling our commands to send our troops in. The Ozones did the same, and so it led to a fierce battle- The Battle of Maas, as our trusty consigliere Weiss called it (We weren't sure what Ozone's consigliere, Austin, named it but that's not the point here).

    During the battle, our best Corsair and my brother, D'Artag, was fatally shot in the neck by a rival Corsair, a turning point in the battle. Not only was he our best, he was also a really great friend of everyone, especially to the Godfather, the consigliere.... And to me. He was my childhood friend and partner in crime, we had always helped each other through our toughest times like Helena’s Bowman Instructional School and even went as far to give each other relationship advice like how to make sure Oz, the greatest Blaze Wizard of them all, would not burn us out. We were our godfather's best and only nephews and he had never regretted taking us in after our biological parents divorced and our father, Mario, had died from a saddening heart failure. But before he left us, he told me.. “Listen. I want someone good to take care of you two, like your godfather Don. I don’t want your brother coming out of the bathroom with just his Rare Dellinger Special in his hands, alright? And if you can.. Find him a better gun.” With that, our kind-hearted Don took us in, and we’ve lived in pure melancholy and remorse ever since. I loved my brother immensely, and I would not trade the entire Maple World along with Grandis for him. It was heartbreaking that at the second I saw him collapse with my own two eyes, I didn’t think for a second and ran up to him. I shouted as loud as possible, “Dart? Dart wake up man! We can’t lose here! Not here! Not now!” His eyes were pale as the vanilla ice cream we loved as children, and he responded to me in a a fading tone, and I was barely able to make out what he said… his last words were, “Lord… you have to stay strong. For our godfather…. For us... Pl..ease….. Don’t forget… our promise….

    I was devastated. I was lost. I had no direction in life anymore. I was… resentful. I could not believe my eyes… my greatest and only brother, a rising star among the Crimsons was…. Just gone in a quick flash, a single pull of the trigger from an enemy Corsair’s bullet. But I told a dual blade mafioso next to me in a revengeful tone, face splattered with blood-red… “I will not run. I will not hide. And while I can not guarantee your safety, we will reclaim what’s ours!” The battle that followed afterwards was fierce and we nearly lost all our powerful men and women, but in the end we won.

    Back at the secret headquarters over at Showa Town, I made a resolution. I had told Don, in a commanding and almost rebellious voice, “Look. My brother Dart was killed in the battle earlier. I can’t handle this anymore. I can’t have another dead soul rest on my conscious. Allow me to leave to cope with the loss and be my own independent person.” My godfather, rather melancholic at what I had just said replied, “I… I understand. D’artag was our best Corsair and a fantastic brother for you… I’ll let you go.”

    Two years later, I lived a simple life in Kerning City. All I ever did was report the weather to the Maple Newscast and by smegaing but that’s all I ever did. It was a repetitive daily, no respect to uphold, no commanding of other people, just report the weather and get a sum of meso.

    It’s been eight years. I had played around with the forbidden art of dark magic and chose my path- my power now is to control the weather. With this, battles such as the Battle of Maas will always pointed towards my side. Weather has great effects on a battle, take a look at Mapler Drake’s daring voyage and loss, a failed plan that was due to an unexpected storm- a product of weather. Even for myself, learning to control the weather was no easy task. Making rain out of nothing or lightning appear from nonexistent clouds was a great feat. I got to test this out on some unlucky Maplers…it was satisfying... I felt no remorse, no tears, and no sympathy. It was great. And in those ten years of independence along with weather control, I have drastically changed. I no longer want to see people suffering, trapped in this Maple life of theirs. I want them to be free, be liberated… so that they may roam free in the Maple World without harm or disturbance. No longer will they be limited to their Max HP and their strengths be determined by range and range modifiers like %dmg or %boss. Once they have been liberated, they will have unlimited power to do as they please, and even watch the transcendence do their job. And this. This is why I want a share of your power, O Great One. The destruction of the Maple World is simply a prelude to a new beginning. A new era, free from pain, from harm, from exp loss at death, and from potion spamming. Let them be free, for emotion is just a design error, death is just another falsehood…. And I will show them the very essence of the reality they have been cursed upon.
  • ArchyboyArchyboy
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    A great evil arose, a beast so gruesome no words can describe it, dubbed MBeast09. As it approached you could hear the sound of chains, *ping* *ping* *ping* *pfff* then a scream. First it took Ralph, a great friend that helped me fend of ghosts using nothing but a badge, one by one my friends fell when the beast took my precious friend Candy away from this world. Now I am alone as the beast tortures me, toying with me when suddenly it whispered into my ear..... Singapore has been removed.
  • TygraTygra
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    I was born blind, so all that I've ever see, all that I've ever known, is darkness. I was also born deaf, so nothing ever called out to me besides the void. All that I can feel is pain. All that I can taste is the blood of my enemies. I'm able to be aware of my surroundings using the sheer energy radiating from my body, similar to echolocation.

    If I was capable of feeling love, the thing I'd love the most is killing. The next best thing would be torture, then, fighting, violence, guns, swords, knives, Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar album, explosions, fire, darkness, blood, Sonic Adventure 2's Dark Story, Undertale's Genocide route, power, vampires, demons, Hot Topic, Invader Zim, Singapore, Dante from the Devil May Cry series, piercings, turning off the console while the game is saving, breaking the law, werewolves, the color black, sunglasses, ninjas (pirates suck), Friday the 13th, The Binding of Isaac (video game, not the lame old story), teleportation, scythes, zombies, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Shadow the Hedgehog (character), Shadow the Hedgehog (video game), Incineroar, dragons, curses, skulls, tattoos, The Nightmare Before Christmas on VHS, the number 666, Rick and Morty season 3, red pills, hurting your feelings, not rewinding my rental VHS tapes, not flushing, leaving the seat up, ghosts, Cthulhu, hair gel, stealing, arson, long lists, electricity, Scrappy Doo, spikes, being the best, emulators, shadows, anger, Crunch Bandicoot, Vlad the Impaler, nukes, stabbing, cutting, eviscerating, burning, bad words, not wearing a seatbelt, destruction, chaos, chaos, breaking things, dungeons, wolves, thunderstorms, and stomping out my enemies.

    And I always stomp out my enemies. If Empress Cygnus and her Cygnus Knights or The Resistance try and get in our way, I'll kill them super hard then kill myself so I can go to Hell and kill them again and come back to life with my awesome dark powers.
  • xSilvervxSilverv
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    The Story of Silver

    Born in the slums having to fight on the streets to survive and live each day, learning to use his magical powers through experience and living on the brink of death everyday was the initial part of his childhood. Through his teenage years to adulthood, he managed to received the start of a normal life and became part of a team of four of various backgrounds, the leader, the female warrior, the noble blooded princess, and him had learned the virtues of friendship and teamwork. However, the team broke apart and had gone their separate ways never to be the team they once were due to the start of the war. While the war had started, two of his teammates, the leader and the female warrior, enlisted in the cause, the noble princess was forced to return to the castle only to runaway to put her life on the front line hoping to make a difference. This inadvertently caused Silver to join. As the war raged on, Silver and the noble princess had watched their two teammates died heroically and tragically on the battlefield, realizing the horrors that the war brought, the noble princess fled with him to escape. Stopped by a commander who branded them as traitors, a battle ensued. The commander was brought down to his knees unable to fight anymore, Silver prepared the finishing blow upon learning that the commander was the one who lead his teammates to their death. The noble princess cried for Silver to stop himself from being consumed with rage and anger only for her to end up in the middle of his killing blow. As she bled in his arms, she had blessed him with her magic to live only for it to end up as a curse as an undead. Silver cried out for the last time as the commander laughed trying to run away from the scene only to be caught and given a slow and painful punishment for the pain he caused.

    After the war, Silver had buried the noble princess's body in an unmarked grave only known to him. He had attempted suicide only to be stopped by his own fear of death and continues to roam with no end in sight.


    Having to spend the rest of his days alive, he has developed a sense of cruel humor in the form of puns. His reaction to pain is laughter as it reminds him that he is alive which makes him more dangerous to fight. When fighting, he prefers not to kill his opponents, but to have them suffer slowly and painfully extinguishing any hope they have in their eyes. When he fights, his style is similar to a street fight which makes his fighting style very unorthodox and unpredictable. He prefers to fight alone because his powers allow him to attack indiscriminately even if allies are in the crossfire. His power and weapon of choice allows him to fight at high-speeds and due to him being an undead does not feel exhaustion when fighting. Likes the color red.


    White Hair that covers over his right eye - Color that differs from his clothes - Check
    Black Leather Jacket with belt buckles on the back and arms - Check
    Red Shirt - Blood Red Color - Check
    Black Jeans - Check



    Hand-to-Hand Combat - As he has been in many street fights, he knows how to fight in close combat with methods that involve disabling opponents movements and adapting. He is very unpredictable as he can switch up the way he fights to match his opponent.

    High-Speed Combatant - Prefers to fight at a fast pace, he controls his weapons in a way to allow him to move freely and does not enjoy the use of heavy or slow weapons.

    First Style:

    Daitō Sword - A long katana black in color, as he does not have a sheath to put his sword in, using his powers he can manifest this sword. Besides the fact that he can make it vanish and appear at will, he can shoot a blade beam from his sword with a swing as a ranged attack.

    Second Style:

    Black Flame - A flame that manifests on his other hand when he fights, while it is a flame, it does not have the ability to set things on fire. The flame has the ability to split apart molecules allow it to pierce through the toughest armors with little trouble. It allows him to catch barehanded weapons with the flame allow him to fight his opponents right up in front of them. The flame cannot leave his hand and fly off like a projectile. However, he can speed up the molecules close to the flame to create a plasma-like attack that can be used as a ranged attack or combined with his sword for a plasma induced blade beam.

    Third Style:

    Psychic Daggers - He has the power to manifest thousands of daggers in the air and control them as he fights with his sword and his flame giving him range and continuous barrage of daggers that fly at the opponent in combat. When not active, they can be used to form a pair of wings, for aesthetics (cannot actually fly with them).

    Final Style:

    Exchanging the sword for two black flames on his hands, he manifests thousands of swords and daggers which all act autonomously giving him the ability to move very fast without a sword slowing him down and the worry about being hurt by his own weapons. Due to there being swords and daggers, its hard to know the timing of when to dodge as any of the two can come flying towards a target, as they act on their own, they allow him to attack opponent's blind spots easily and protect him from attacks as well. However, this does not make him invincible as it is possible to get through his defenses.


    He thinks the world will eventually end themselves due to entropy and with all the bad life experience he has, there is no remorse so if something bad is coming, he does not mind tagging along to see the destruction even if he is caught in the middle.

    "Why should the Black Mage choose you?":

    The world is already doomed, the Black Mage does not have to use any tricks or manipulation to get him on his side. He is willing to cause mayhem and does not mind being in the cross fire of the Black Mage's destruction. He can handle thousands of opponent's single handled without rest.

    "So why no?" - Silver
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    My name is Alexandrose, My parents named me this after expecting Twins, sadly my sister died during birth. They already had a name chosen for us both *Alex* and *Rose*, So neither felt left out, they agreed upon an alternative Alex-and-rose.

    Little did I know this would be more of a curse throughout my life than anything, Throughout my childhood I had strange happenings occur around me, flying objects, Items moving... Cookies being taken from the Jar and me being blamed for it. As I grew older my Parents started seeing me as a Curse or an Accident, to the point that my father blamed me for my Sisters death. The more this happened and the more they blamed me, These *Strange Happenings* started becoming violent outbreaks that would occur over time. Around the age of 11, my parents abandoned Me. As I walked throughout MapleWorld, Meeting many people and around the age of 13 a lady noticed my *Strange Happening* had helped me steal food so I could survive. She kept an eye on me for a while, making sure to pay for anything i stole, after about a Year she finally approached me and asked my Name as well as the name of the Entity that follows me. I wasn't sure what she was talking about, she promised me answers if I went to work with Her, She worked as an off the books underground PI. Throughout my time with her I learned many things, The Entity that was with me, About the Monsters in this world, The Black Mage and many other things that aren't immediately known to exist within MapleWorld by common citizens. I learned of folks that stay hidden, never speaking a word to an adventure ever in their life, shady business within Kerning City's underground, or even the story of an instant rise in Fame of Icebyrd Slimm that abruptly inspired a whole City, built near a Forrest with a haunted mansion and Agents coming and going throughout the years, attempting to persuade Warriors/Adventurers and even common folk to join their ranks through a series of quizzes and select participants would be contacted and given a Suit and then the Agents would disappear... out of nowhere and then it turns out there is a place within the Mansion that directly links to the *Black Mage* himself and just a few years ago NLC was under attack by things that were claimed to be called *Aleins* and just like the *Agents* they *poofed* into thin air all at once, I also un-covered some interesting findings out these Agents as well as howIcebyrd Slimm is involved with them.

    Alright, Enough about my Past, Currently I work as a PI along with the Entity that I had found out was my Sisters Soul, She survives because of me and I get work done because of her. You can't beat what you can't see making us nearly unstoppable. I am contacting you because I've seen what you've done over time, research throughout the Darknet of MapleWorlds underground, the studies that were done on you. I know very much about you and compared to the things I've seen Adventurers do, Citizens. Enslaving animals and riding them, killing creatures for their skin or hide and selling it for Mesos. You create these creatures that cause so much damage, but has anyone tried leaving them alone? even give them a single chance? In my eyes, all you've done is created life and all they've done is destroy it time and time again. I've seen and been through so much that the world is already dead to me, So I figured... why not just live in the high life near someone with great power instead of in the shadows watching and waiting while ultimately doing nothing for this world, With you however, I can do something.. I can become something greater than just some guy who watches from the shadows.

    I know for a fact I can be a major help to you. I possess immense magical power, this Magic allows me to not only see through the eyes of my Sister but allows us to communicate. This comes with a catch though, As a child when she moved to far away, her powers along with mine would go berserk and just start deleting things around us... as if we were creating some kinda invisible Black Hole, However, the stronger I become, the longer the distance we can withstand. I've clocked it around about 70 Yards, but with your power, I'm sure you can do something about those 70 Yards, and if push comes to shove I can always be used as a backup plan. What better way to dominate the world than to have a pawn that can create delete MapleWorld as a whole, within a single moment, You'd just have to give the word and it's done.

    Just a quick note, I'll need some form of transport, I don't get out much because my sister is the one that normally does all the manual work. So I've over time grown comfortable with home life, sadly I have to admit that I've become *Too* comfortable, I'm afraid not getting out much has given me some pretty bad Anxiety, It was bad enough that I had Agoraphobia because of an Invisible soul constantly floating around me watching my every move. I guess the saying Privacy of your own home doesn't apply to me.

    Previous Experience:
    A witness of many crimes and illegal dealings.

    The ability to be 2 places at once.
    Untapped magical potential.
    The ability to get things done, without being seen.
    The ability to erase anything from existence.

    Information on Powers:
    When watching through the eyes of the Entity I can see through one eye, This allows me to simultaneously be in 2 places at once. While doing this I can speak with the Entity, but not control it.

    Immense magical power, I've never learned to hone it, So I don't know what I can do with this Power.

    When separated for an extended distance from each other, we open an invisible force that slowly sucks in anything around it, Anything near the force disappears and is never seen from again. While with the Lady that took care of us, She ran an experiment. She had a camera become the victim to our separation. The footage shown on the Monitors was only for a short while before the Camera was no longer feeding info through to us. The items disappearing are being thrown into a City, drenched in Water, Tall White buildings set up in the effect of a Maze style and immense pressures of wind blowing through the alleys of these Buildings, causing the Wind Pressure to have a Domino effect. A Girl was noticed and seemed to wander around aimlessly, She was the only living thing there, Everything else was buildings in ruin and a City underwater.

    I'm not much into looks or caring what others think, I wear a European style Hoodie with a zipper that comes down from the right shoulder and Black baggy pants with a Chain attached and a distance calculator attached, This device was built for us so to help us not create another incident. I hardly wear shoes due to never leaving home, But I do have a pair of black steel-toed boots and short blond white hair.
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    My name is Ikasu DarkRose, I was raised by my parents, if you could call what they did raising. more like I raised myself going opposite of the examples they set. but who needs love and compassion for it was not only them that refused to grant me it. so when the house caught ablaze I simply watched without a care, after all they didn't care for my so why should I? if the world doesn't care for my then again I shall not care for it..in fact it should be punished and I don't care much for how it does. I use the power of crystals, I can turn anything I touch into it and change tis forms from liquid solid and gas and manipulate them to create EMP fields to disorient any one around me, I can also use them to make weapons and projectiles as seen fit, I have no purpose by myself so I would gladly bow before the Dark Mage and offer him my power to use as he sees fit so long as I draw breath under his command then this world will draw its last.
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    One day I woke up in my dreams and saw a huge darkness that wanted to destroy me but thanks to my strength I had the ability to stop all that great evil that was going through me, but I could not for long so I fled in a hurry, to take refuge in places of light while darkness and evil sought me, they destroyed everything in their path, after my search, but they did not know that as I picked up stronger I became myself. but I still did not have enough strength to face them and I decided to seek help but in the meantime today a voice among my dreams that told me that power is my trust and my hope
    and out of so much fear expelled all the light and strength that was inside me and so it was for them, and finally I found them and pum the battle between the light and the mandald happened after hours of hard confrontation I felt that I could not and the evil became stronger and when I surrendered I thought to get up and continue but suddenly a great aura was sparked and started to be expelled from me and I felt that I had more power of the imaginary and started to fight against them and after days I was able to defeat him and pum woke up from my dark dream and my nightmare.
    The next day I wanted to remember what I did but it was impossible to understand what happened but I knew that I could do my dark side and overcome my knowledge.
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    Heh...my name is Lumina. It's supposed to mean light...but who needs that? I am sure long ago I fought for the light of this pathetic world...but I have long since forgotten a time when I was pure. The last of my old life I remember was simple. Falling, I don't remember why or how I ended up there, but I think I should have died. But I didn't.

    I was reborn in the body of a Demon. My new body was weak, feeble, unworthy of power. At first I was afraid, begging for my death that I so rightfully deserved. But death refused to come to me. I didn't eat, or sleep, for countless moons in the abyss that I had fallen to. So I left that deep abyss to come across this cheerful...little world.

    I still craved death, but if it would not come to me...I will bring it to others. My Demon body blessed me with wings and untapped darkness. I was still weak, I need strength. So with the blood of innocents I took it. My wings became my weapons, born with thorny horns to maim any who dared cross my path. Ah, and they grew, stained with red, the color so vivid and beautiful, it brought me joy. But the innocents wanted to fight back.

    On that fateful night, the moon had gone dark...and they brought torches, pitchforks, you name it. But death still refused me, their flames could not burn me, and no matter how much blood I spilled, It only came to burn them back. In the embrace of the black night...I could feel my many wounds, touched by the empty sky. It burned, and with it, It burned the innocents. Finally, I felt the darkness crawl into me, through my skin, boiling in my blood.

    My emergence destroyed the innocent village. It left corruption, anything that my blood touched became tainted. The tainted creatures gave me their strength, and I gave them death. The one thing I craved in this world. I need to deliver death to everyone...In the trail of blood I wrought, I found another Demon. Hehe, he thought he could fight me. His death was special because I took his wings, and his horns...and his weapon. A great scythe designed in the shape of a Demon's wing. The wings of my fallen enemy made a wonderful cape, although somehow, they fused to my body, and gave me another pair of wings. His horns I wore around my neck, and it was the beginning of a beautiful collection. Fallen enemies are a little useful I suppose. The scythe brought death swiftly, it was almost a pity that I didn't get to watch them bleed. Through them I found my strength, and my corruption brought me servants to bring death.

    I began to hear whispers of a power to unmake this world. The death I so desperately craved...! It was too tempting to pass up. I left my trail of death and finally caught the attention of a Demon. He claimed to be a Commander of the Black Mage...but he refused me. Just like death. Oh I wanted to kill him, but he overpowered me, although he left when he saw...I would not die. In my rage, I left back to my abyss, the place where my trail had begun. It had grown strong, filled with my corruption, and I sat under the moonlight. I had to become a Commander. For revenge. for Destruction. For Death.

    So I continued to spread my corruption. I began to keep innocents alive, tormenting them with the burning in their blood, until they begged me for death. Hehehe...and I gave it to them. Their blood was sweet, covering the scars upon my body. I grew stronger, and stronger. In my abyss I built my den. I wanted him to come back. I found he lived in Leafre...so it was there I aimed my corruption. Hehehe...and he came quickly. But this time, I was stronger than he, and instead of his death, I would be brought before the Black Mage. I would make sure this world was unmade. Death's sweet embrace would be but a reward. So take me, Great One.

    If I cannot have death, I hope this world will bleed out until there is nothing left! NOTHING! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    If my character were a boss: Mechanics and what not
    HP: A lot (3 phases)
    Stats: A lot


    Phase 1:
    In Phase 1, Lumina does not even use her scythe, she will fly around the map, which has two higher platforms and a middle platform alongside the general floor.
    -Impaling Wing: Standard Rush attack, will apply a short stun if you are hit though.
    -Tainted Touch: Linear AoE that will apply Taint to you. Taint is a special status effect that causes potions to be useless, best have a bishop handy for this mechanic as its one of the only ways to heal Taint via Dispel.
    -Drawn In: a pull mechanic, anyone with Taint will be pulled in faster, if you hit the center, you will lose like...all of your HP.
    Taint Explosion: Think Damien's Phase 1 Ball throwing mechanic, except this applies Taint.
    Phase 1.5 - Transition Phase after 70% HP
    Lumina will stop attacking your party for now. Some Tainted Villagers will spawn. Your goal is to keep them alive through the phase. There are three main villagers and a bunch of non-essentials. The Main villagers are the Old Lady, the Child, and the Soldier. These villagers will move around the map slowly, but Lumina will target them with Scythe Spin (Soon to be your worst enemy in Phase 2) along with meteors similar to Lotus/Magnus. You have to meat shield the villagers via the higher platforms for meteors, while Scythe spin...Ill leave that to you to figure out. If you save all of the 3 Main villagers, you will earn a buff.

    Phase 2:
    Here comes the Scythe, Lumina will still fly around, but will use a lot of Scythe based attacks, along with the beginning of her Minion summoning.
    -Round Scythe: General AoE around the boss. Does moderate damage but she does give an indicated animation before it starts.
    -Reckoning: Lumina flies up to one of the two side platforms and performs an almost map-wide AoE. Best find out where those safe spots are!
    -Scythe Spin: Lumina throws her scythe. It will target one party member at a time, but it does have a set number of "bounces" before it will return to her (I would say 10). The goal here is...bait the scythe so it doesn't hit your party members. If the Scythe hits you, you will become "Marked". If it hits more than 4 players and marks them, they all die. The Scythe will aim for all 6 members within its 10 bounces though, and will only kill marked players if more than 4 players have it, and since it only hits one target...well, keep an eye out!
    -Rise of the Taint: Brings out Tainted Enemies. There are three types:
    Tainted Fox: A fast monster, fairly weak damage and medium HP, but it can debuff you with Undead and Taint.
    Tainted Bat: Flying Monster, deals 10% HP per hit, but also has lower HP and is pretty predictable.
    Tainted Bear: Big Monster, performs a 1-shotting AoE, but it requires a charge-up period. This is a case of Kill or be killed. High HP but won't attack while charging.

    Phase 3:
    After you depleted her first HP bar, you thought it was over, right? Well, Lumina won't die so easily. She is now dripping with the Taint, and her Scythe has changed somewhat. Expect some of the Phase 2 Mechanics to carry over (Rise of the Taint, Round Scythe, and Scythe Spin)
    -Scythe Charge: A spinning charge attack using the Changed Scythe. Puts Taint on anyone who gets hit.
    -Bloodletting: Leaves a puddle AoE. I would not recommend standing in it for too long, or you may be debuffed with Tainted. Tainted is different from Taint, as you cannot do skill actions and there is NO healing out of it, just gotta wait it out.
    -Bleeding Inferno: Summons falling objects that will inflict stuns onto you. Leaves Lumina vulnerable while she is casting this attack though. Lasts about 10-15 seconds.
    -Final Scythe: after about 40% of her health is left, she will begin casting this. Her Scythe becomes giant and turns into a large Staff. Has a large AoE and will drain your HP slowly, while trying to heal hers. You will have to break the Scythe Staff before she heals up!
    -Blackened: 25% or lower, Blackened will darken the map for a period of time. Good luck not getting hit!
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    On the day I lost everything, it happened as such- I tripped in a café and spilled my grande birthday cake frappuccino all over my red boots. As a result, I was laughed out of my dream interview for a stylist position at Henesys Salon.

    It all spiraled from there. My failure pushed my parents into illness. Being unemployed, I could not afford their care and so they soon passed away. Full of grief, my brother left for a yoga retreat in El Nath and decided to never return home.

    I found myself alone and penniless. Thoughts of that fateful day plagued me- why didn’t I have the strength to hold on to that frappe? But it dawned on me that the fault was not of my own. In fact, it was the world that was wrong.

    Society had wronged me, so I was going to pay it back tenfold. I wore a frappuccino-themed bracelet from then on to remind me of the injustice I experienced. I pushed through my studies and attended university, where I focused on politics. That prepared me for a career in social advocacy, which allowed me to accomplish the following:

    - Used eminent domain to seize land on behalf of the Kerning City Subway construction project, effectively razing several historic neighborhoods for a safe, clean, and modern subway system.
    - Successfully campaigned for the deregulation of unethical Evil Eye habitat laws in Ellinia.
    - Advocated on behalf of mining companies (honest job-creators for the depraved locals) in Edelstein.
    - A basic understanding of the Maple Revenue Service tax code (which goes a long way bc hardly anyone cares to know).
    - Extensive experience with tax deductibles regarding private armies, weapons of mass destruction, and health insurance for recently revived henchmen.

    As your commander, I would work to dismantle Maple World through its very own laws- what a slap to the face that would be! My rare tax knowledge and business acumen will be of great assistance to you.
    Creating multiple shell companies for no-strings-attached meso spending would be the first order of business, so that your most ambitious ventures may be properly funded. This would be followed by a systematic, grassroots campaign aimed at rolling back corporate regulations. Once those are in full swing, we will acquire corporations, and combine them into conglomerates powerful enough to sway policy. I am fully confident that we will one day face the Cygnus Knights in the court of law and win.

    Oh great one, history has shown that you are a patient man when it comes to total annihilation. I believe that this will be a source of endless entertainment for you, and the spectacle will be so that the world itself will not realize what is happening until it is too late. By the time you assert legitimacy, they will come to know the irony of their undoing!