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  • July wrote: » no world merge... but they making new world >
  • Lov3ya wrote: » Did he say when the 46 slots be implemented ? I would assume over in the discord chat or Discord PM/DM
  • lvl 140+ mobs drop this gear so areas like ToT and beyond drop this gear constantly
  • DSpellGuy wrote: » SayumiYuriko wrote: » Dunno about burning gear, but if you log ouy the burning effect is lost! that's good to know, guess I'll be a bit more picky one who to use it on.... CrystalOra wrote: » WHAT? Okay and I was mad tha…
  • did you log off or get d/c?
  • NicholasB wrote: » pepe wrote: » Acgnolia wrote: » Catooolooo wrote: » we do not all want all worlds merged into 1 world, that is a terrible idea and doomed to make people hate the hassle of finding traning spots, having 3 worlds gives pe…
  • it could be a bug, make sure to submit a ticket about it.
  • very likely we will have this event, it probably wont be mentioned until after the first of the Ark Updates (should be June 20th when we get flames) in the patch notes
  • what's next, should all Corsairs and Jetts be removed from the game because their main weapon is gun? should all gun classes be removed from maple? should all FPS games be censored in the US because crazed gunmen exist? this event has nothing to …
    in Whatever Comment by Catooolooo May 2018
  • QcSandOfTime wrote: » somebody know at what time this is in effect? as soon as it becomes sunday UTC like all other "sunday" events
  • vexyn wrote: » I'm in the same boat as you! I felt really weird creating a new character because I had no idea what I was actually choosing, like I left for a few years and came back to find that you can no longer choose from one of the four basic…
  • PhantomMasterThief wrote: » Catooolooo wrote: » while that's true, it's pretty much non-existant in KMS because of the ability to trade/ sell CS items (cubes, clothes..etc) on top of the meso market, making it a pretty moot point to try to i…
  • NicholasB wrote: » I will not visit the site for the next days so please do not reply me nor quote me at all (even if you will do that I will not read it, believe me) and YES! We ALL want Merge Worlds! merge Every single world into Bera! Make…
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » Catooolooo wrote: » Gomenasai wrote: » DarkPassenger wrote: » We don't all want a merge. No, do not say "all", that's totally wrong and I'll explain myself. When Storm has said "we all want a merge", of course …
  • glad you guys got to meet up and have fun
  • Gomenasai wrote: » DarkPassenger wrote: » We don't all want a merge. No, do not say "all", that's totally wrong and I'll explain myself. When Storm has said "we all want a merge", of course he doesn't mean that every single player want it…
  • Next one should be around the Ark update
  • XiangTu wrote: » Been saying this for months now too.. I've sent in tickets, live chatted with GMs, and made a number of threads about it on the forums. Windias way too dead as well, I only see the same people everyday.. i know i'l still play but …
  • sorry, but there are no classes that mainly rely on summoning creatures to do the work for you. there are many classes that dont rely on using multiple skills for mobbing though if that's your main concern. if the last time you played or seen…
  • Marmilaidous wrote: » So to enter the bosses that drop Sweetwater, I need to do pre-quest in Herb garden? no, you need to do the commerci voyages you need to have gotten upto or beyond the herb Town voyage. the bosses will spawn in the voyages.…