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  • We all want a merge

    XiangTu wrote: »
    Been saying this for months now too.. I've sent in tickets, live chatted with GMs, and made a number of threads about it on the forums. Windias way too dead as well, I only see the same people everyday.. i know i'l still play but i've seriously cut down how much i've been playing (im even getting the 2x exp buffs for not logging in for so many days at once lol) it is what it is. idk why they haven't reacted to the general consensus of how necessary a merge is. maybe because the bulk of gms players are in bera, and thus don't need a merge, making this issue not as well known since the only affected players are in the small populated servers. still though, they are screwing up big time with this lack of initiative. But there are plenty of other games with more stable populations. :)

    it's a known issue, it was brought up in the QnA session in november.

  • REQUEST + Suggestion // World transfer event !

    Any way pq ‘s are empty and all yellonde is dead

    PQ's are empty in every server because nobody does them anymore
  • I'm a noob looking for friends

    can you name the server you are in? it would help people know where you are to know if they can hang out with you.
  • Damage expression

    In GMS you only got one expression, but in KMS and the other regions, you get random expressions when you get damaged similar to how we have the D-Rank nebulites with a 10% Chance to fall in love after taking damage etc....

    TL;DR: Nexon locked that feature away with D-Rank nebulites, other regions has it by default and at random.

    iirc those actually come from pot lines in other regions, GMS removed them from pot lines cause it was requested from players.
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    Catooolooo wrote: »
    it's not plat scissors, all flamed gear use Silver scissors which cost 10k meso from general stores

    so the scissors limit is : you can only use 10 silver scissors ( until you reset that with a perfect inno ), but can always use a PSOK ?

    ok so after gooing back and checking, you can use silver scissors or PSoK on certain items that may require it, but the scissor count is not bypassed by PSoK.