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December 11, 1987
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"Mathematics is the music of reason"
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A soft-spoken statistician with a passion for music, science, game design, and the fine arts.


  • Let us be mindful respecting the values and life choices of others even if they may differ from our own. Everyone must still be treated with dignity and respect on the forums regardless.
  • If you haven't already, try allowing third-party cookies on your web browser settings. Afterwards, close than relaunch your browser and attempt logging in again. The MapleStory Player Support Center has provided a guide for Google Chrome users wa…
  • You might need to adjust third-party cookies settings on your web browser, close and reopen it, and try again. The player support center has an article available guiding you through the process.
  • What is the name and status (completed/incomplete) of the quest you are up to in Hieizan?
  • Hiya! Everyone's bug reports have all been forwarded and the crashes are being addressed. Are there any other parts of Monad where DCs are occurring?
  • Discussions pertaining to legacy servers are not allowed by the forum Code of Conduct: Old Maple - Do not create threads pertaining to Old Maple Servers, Legacy Server, Pre-Big Bang Servers, etc. You can talk about previous verions of MapleStory …
  • kananurvis wrote: » Anyone know what the melody of the chair is called I do, the title of the track played is “Primrose” It’s one of my favorites!
  • Which quest are you stuck on? Who is the NPC you are looking for?
  • What playstyles are you looking for or are avoiding? Do you prefer higher risk vs reward class mechanics? Simple vs heavy micromanagement “piano style” gameplay? With a little more insight into your preferred mode of gameplay, we can help pic…
  • What error message are you getting? Can you post a screenshot of what’s wrong? Is this happening with the Nexon launcher or while in game?
  • Had the exact same issue as well. Between combos breaking from lag, Pollo & Fito portals never appearing, and every surprise missions asking me to find 3 elite monsters in under half an hour; eventually said “screw it” to the Haste Event and…