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I play in GRAZED leading 3 guilds, Wrath Syndicate and Exempt. My second server is Reboot. I also play in Luna as I live in Europe. I also play KMS Luna server as well as MapleStory 2 Korea


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  • PhantomMasterThief
    It's great that you prefer the GMS cash shop, but you can't preview cash items on your character in your cash storage before you wear them in the gms version, in KMS you can click on the items in the cash storage and click "preview" or the upper left button in the cash storage, you can also preview different hairs / faces and their colors on your character in the KMS cash shop UI, you also get more storage space and view in KMS' Version.

    This is the UI from MapleSEA ( which is the same one in KMS but in english )

    April 2018
    • chaoscauser
      You compare one aspect compare the rest of it..
    • PhantomMasterThief
      I compared 3 aspects. and here's more: Better Ui, Better functionality, and more cash storage space, the ability to preview cash items, and the ability to preview hairs / faces [i]and their colors.[/i] and also the search doesn't lag on KMS' cash shop, and it just looks nicer and is more organized ( [i]it's easier to find stuff[/i] ) i played on MSEA, THMS , KMS, so yea GMS' cash shop looks unique but also lacks in functionality ( and it looks worse IMO ).
      Also one small thing in GMS' cash shop you gotta hit OK once you settle your rp, in KMS it's just a popup that disappears. ( so that's a little QoL, but would definitely be noticeable in the long run )

      KMS' UI; Looks better and is designed to work better.
      GMS' UI; looks ok ( Outdated 2008 design ) but works terribly. ( and lacks a lot of features from the KMS' cash shop ( [b]not just aesthetic ones[/b] )
      and last; KMS' Mileage works better then our reward points ( they can buy stuff from the actual cash shop with full mileage price ) i don't know if that has something to do with our Ui. ( but a VFM has told me that our Cash shop is 32-bit, and KMS' Cash shop is using 64-Bit so it could be that )

      In short; we need the KMS Ui not just for looks but also for better use ( well the vfm commented on my thread )

      TL;DR : There is [i]NO TL;DR, Read the whole thing.[/i]
    • chaoscauser
      The KMS cash shop loads way slower than the GMS cash shop when you first go in, Unless you experience it first hand you can't say you think the KMS one is better
    • chaoscauser
      The search being faster isn't just about the bit rate it's the way the gms client works. Look at the auction house search.. it's slow as hell and it's the same as the KMS one
    • chaoscauser
      GMS client isn't as optimized as kms
    • chaoscauser
      I have a top of the line pc , the kms cash shop takes about 30 seconds to load, where as the GMS one loads instantly
    • PhantomMasterThief
      1. i have a KMS Account so i used their Cash Shop ( also the cs in all the regions except gms uses the KMS' version so it's identical ), yes it loads a bit slower, ( but is objectively better then our Cash Shop, in terms of functionality and usage ) can preview hairs AND colors in the cash shop, and has a better ui, also can preview style box items , and just preview items that are in your cash storage.

      ( you don't know how many times i had a cash item that i didn't know if i would like, so i equipped and hated it, if we had the KMS ui i could click on "Preview" and then just sell it off, not it's just sitting on my cash storage taking up space and i can't do s8t with it )

      Looks is a subjective thing, so i prefer the KMS Ui, but you can prefer the GMS Ui. ( though i'd say the majority of people prefer the KMS Ui as well, i mean it does look way more modern, but you can prefer whatever you want it's fine too.

      2. the search function in OUR Auction house has been sped up tremendously! ( i know because i use that sucker everyday, and after the FM removal, finally the search is as smooth as in KMS. ( and i know i play Both versions )
      ( if it lags for you then you got an ISP issue, i also had it lagging but then i changed isps and the lag were gone.
      ofc before the fm removal and the addition of the market price and probably some more optimaztions, the ah lagges af, but after that it doesn't.

      3. about the client yea i know.... i hope they could optimize it, though i feel like they are doing it, lately the games been smoother and more stable ( yes not on KMS' Level of stable; though they also crash in KMS but still the GMS client now vs pre v i'd say it wayyyy better, still has more room to go though in terms of improving things .)

      in short ; the KMS Cash Shop Ui > GMS Cash Shop UI. ( also the GMS ui looks like it belongs in 2008, and also looks like it's still in Beta )
    • PhantomMasterThief
      And before you try and say i'm in a small servers so that's why the ah search doesn't lag ( i'm in a Large server )
      also what i said is that the GMS CASH SHOP SEARCH LAGS ( and it doesn't even work i type in hair i get an error )

      In the KMS or THMS or MapleSEA UI, i can type in hair, and it would show me ALL items with a "hair" word in them.
  • PhantomMasterThief
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