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I play in GRAZED leading 3 guilds, Wrath Syndicate and Exempt. My second server is Reboot. I also play in Luna as I live in Europe. I also play KMS Luna server as well as MapleStory 2 Korea
  • My thoughts on the new patch

    Well Adele and Reverse city will be nice when they release..

    BT revamp is like meh, on my level 200 BT it didn't feel much different. I still have yet to go 5th job so i have room for alot of gains. I can see how higher levels are frustrated though.

    Kanna< i didn't even log in my Kanna it's level 200 so ... but i don't understand why one of the changes is the need to attack/proc and i don't understand another nerf to the respawn rate without any improvement on the base spawn rates of the game.. I understand you want to get rid of 2 pc meta but don't just nerf something and not give anything back in boosted base spawn

    Boss revamp i don't really care for but cool i guess. I am still angry that we lost boss entries way back, when in KMS bosses don't give good exp compared to here..

    Map activities revamp is fun from what i have seen so far. Well the bounty hunter portals at least.

    Guild revamp is really nice apart from guild leader swap is bugged. I was looking forward to taking control of a couple of guilds in my alliance..

    Maple guide revamp meh whatever

    Chat emoticons are nice,didn't even realise you can put them to whatever you want . You can put love in the next box and it will be /love on whatever emoji you put in.

    Quest improvements meh, item improvements meh,

    Totem reward point cost being cheaper is a positive but the spawn getting reduced again is bad.

    Some of the new runes suck, but the buffs on the old ones are nice. I would rather keep some of the older runes

    Again another event where it takes forever unless you have kishin , wild totem or frenzy to coin cap.. we have barely any options currently to get coins!
    With the kishin nerf, i can't ask a friend to come kishin for me because they have to be attacking.. they probably won't want to join and attack.

    Maple Relay with reward points yay! but again we will probably reach a point where we can't even use the reward points we claim because of the reward point cap. Which is annoying and pointless due to the fact that the items you can buy in the reward point shop are limited anyway... just let us claim as much reward points as we want. Oh and let us buy BPOT cubes from the reward point shop...

    Tera burning meh.. i don't even have a char slot free , basically i need to get 5 stamps to get a slot as mine are all filled. As we didn't get given a free character slot,

    "Reduced the EXP required for Lv. 170-200 range by 19%." I can barely tell the difference..

    Buff event is meh , nothing recovery based..

  • Just came back, any lv30 PQ?

    chooz wrote: »
    just do the theme dungeons because this is solostory now

    Not if you don't want it to be i did cross world party quest with my guild yesterday as well as bossing .

    @smileycat Cross world party quest can be down from level 70+ it's really good boost up till around 190
  • 46 character slots?

    I confirmed with Arwoo it's not a typo ! AT LAST
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    KThxBaiNao wrote: »
    Peep wrote: »
    So when are we actually going to get some answers on this? It has been in "discussion" for years now. It's simple. Give us a yes or no answer. Yes it will be added sometime in the future or no we don't plan to ever add this to the game.

    You guys have gotten several answers regarding this over the last couple years.

    Source: Gave some of those answers.

    Yeah nothing answers, we need an answer of them saying yes we will implement them because at this point with the current damage cap it would throw a bone to the people who don't empty their bank accounts on the game or spend their whole life meso farming on Reboot

    It's totally unfair on NA region as the EU region has flamed gear floating about as well as nebulite gear. Adding AO would help alleviate pay to win on regular servers and lessen the strain on Reboot. The nebulite system is totally stupid and pay to win . Where AO /Flames has no pay to win elements at least from what I know.
  • Boss Entrance is STUPID bring back 2x RUN

    Agreed! it's not just about the drops it's about exp which kms bosses don't have