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  • yea seriously, can I sell my boss drops for mesos in auction house already? so that I can at least try some starforce/upgrade symbols? mesos only from boss crystals isn't gonna cut it
  • looks like the restrictions were indeed removed from Mabinogi, as seen from the patch notes from April 28th, 2022: "The Netherlands Trade Restrictions that were previously applied during the December patch have now been removed." can we hope for …
  • yes, can i sell my boss drops for in-game currency so i can starforce plz
  • Figurinha wrote: » https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/312354082356592641/481944795053293569/unknown.png I think this is why everyone's so confused about this. What's the point of having so many tiers if you NEED to get at least 150 to get t…
  • BlowFish wrote: » TerrorStreak wrote: » Your wasting your time =( So it is intended and those symbols are designed to nerf DA? Feels Bad Man yea those symbols nerf you, better unequip them
  • as a veteran player owning and using these rings, i am also very disappointed in how they have changed these rings
  • Image: IGN: :Lycaon World: Scania Short description of what your character is wearing: Mad Doctor Bolt Ogre Mask Mummy suit & White Bandage Umbral Earrings & Cloak Poo Stick What horrifying or Halloween look were you going f…
  • Still feeling lag spikes (freezing monsters, skill casting delays) ever since the lag/crashing from weeks ago (server lag, not loot/kill fps lag). Now the server select thing does say I might get latency issues as an europe player playing on NA ser…
  • 4th Job Skills: Vanquisher's Charm: Damage per shot: 235% -> 242% Kasen: Fan Mastery 65% -> 70% Nine-Tailed Fury: Cooldown 500 sec -> 325 sec Shocking Shikigami Haunting: Passive Effect: Per Shikigami Haunting Damage: 115% -> 120% (T…
  • will check with my kanna on gms once maintenance is done
  • i have a 200 kanna (legion mule, no 5th job), if you need to check stuff, i can help
  • something that worked for me - try entering cs and put the nx covers in and back out, exit and try trading again
  • Sorrow wrote: » People are reporting hackers, the issue is nothing is being done after they get reported. We see the players we report in-game roaming around after they've been reported days ago, weeks ago, etc. And often these are people that sho…