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  • Honestly the skills were outdated and underwhelming when this whole mess was first introduced, I can't see them going back to touch it up, especially with V on the front burner over in KMS and on the horizon for us and other regions. I prefer they p…
  • To be honest, some of the GM are very nice and who willing to take actions. I guess it really based on who you communicated within inside the community and through the services. Disclaimer: I'm not promoting for Nexon.
  • Eh, definitely too rigged in my opinion...
  • Are you depending on runes to be 90% or more of the 100 you need? Or are you actually going and grinding in a map of your level range? I'm grinding my own map level. I spent like almost 5 hours dailies and only managed to get up to 34 Zombie Elites.…
  • +1 to this, we need some response soon from Nexon regarding about this issue. Also, you might wanted to report this to the bug section.. otherwise they don't even know what's going on regarding about the problems going around the maple world.
  • +1 to this Or increase the NX price and remove some of the junks that can be easily obtained through daily/weekly bosses..
  • To reshape this from Jorjax suggestion, Mercury glove look extremely weird than Tania glove, even though their CS icon look the same. [Updated] You can find here in the link below from the previous CS sale http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/16901/ca…
  • The correct solution is not to increase meso drops on other mobs, but to adjust non-KMS areas to behave like KMS areas. Which means: Mobs have 10x the HP, and no meso drops if you're over 20 levels higher than the mobs. ^ I couldn't agreed more wit…