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January 16, 1992


  • Dude why make a post about this which u do not have any proof of this guy or girls use a 3nd party programs it make u look bad on the form and if u think they use it why not just send a ticket like the other do beside get mad at he ask of proof and…
  • it not that bad to kill 2k mob but i wish they made it a bit low like 1k or made it 200 i see no point of doing this attendace nothing good and the medal is a time medal of 14 day i think
  • i done with my kanna now i put so many year and time in her now all that time is gone thx a lot i see why this game gone to die soon or later if u keep pick thing like this i see no point of nerf her to the point of useless she not good in party any…
  • it look like it i hope to get some of my characters to 200 why my main get to 220 look like the time to power lvl aging with all the 2x to 3x exp buff and drop to of farm node and other item we need of late game
  • i wish all of yell luck on this i know it not fun to play on a dead world with all your buddy in bera i just hope they do this job right as of me i will do not need this i all ready got all my characters in bera
  • that suck men on thing u can do is wait of a worlds event one more time and move to a new worlds when u can or wait to nexon do something about it they know this gone to kill off a lot of worlds so on thing of they to do is to fix this
  • of the love of god arwoo do not do this to kanna i know yell try to do what best of the game in all but u look at other people says this is a bad ideal a will bad ideal not on that nerf kanna haku buff is bad u will nerf her solo play to and by doin…
  • what worlds u play on if u on bera or reboot u be ok but as of what i think of the patch i think this gone to make me play ms aging i got sick of the carry event we have we have nothing good of the past week or 2 made me skip out on a lot of lvl i c…
  • U know this will not beat reboot right when it come to population reboot got that but if u talk about noon reboot then yes bera is better i can not wait to see my old world bera be alive like the good old time
  • Men nexon just f even body up wuth that sc i did not know dmt was on to i log on and the cs kick me off when i try to get my cube
  • time to watch youtube or go outside or something this gone to be a long 12hr wait or longer we know how nexon update is about soon it update it take a few hr to something go bad and they how to re do the hold thing like each update
  • ok thx of tall me this idk why they did not tall us about this on the website i will do not use tweeted that much so i just i how to wait to they made a notice of this but to then i just i out of luck today i was looking of to get all my item to leg…
  • what is your lvl
    in BFF help Comment by Demonluck March 2017
  • it post to be around your lvl like if u lvl 120 or something like that it will try to find plp that 2 lvl high then or 2 lvl low then u i test it out of my self and me and my buddy was in the bff event i hope that help a bit if not i let me know ok …
    in BFF help Comment by Demonluck March 2017
  • i just i not doing this event anymore i pointless to do it now the item in the shop is bad beside 2 item that the job coin and the epic scroll or what i think we can get that all day with yu each day of epic scroll so that unless right off the bat …
  • good ideal i get sick of this now let just hope they did not do to much dmg to this event if they did i just i will not do it anymore there will nothing good in the shop beside a job coin of me that about it
  • wow i never seen this much hate on a post before i think LittleTLk just made a lot of people who will like this event mad i know u was doing the right thing by tall nexon that the exp was to high but at the same time u just kill the event of a lot o…
  • so that what that was when i see somebody use it a few day ago the frenzy totern so it just a kanna skll just of your self who the hell will buy that if u can just get a kanna that not a mule or afk so this will not make nexon any money if it do i …
  • i sad now i wish this dude did not made this post about the bff event now it gone to be hard as hell to lvl up now it was fun to get some of my mule lvl up but i was use this event to get my main to 210
  • this gone to piss a lot of plp off when they how to afk of a bit i can see this back fire at they so hard to the point they how to remove it after the 1st week or 2 i will do not see how this gone to help gms all i can see that this will just piss p…