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  • Its finally here http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en
  • Zouyiro wrote: » So, Lets go Bera everyone? You're not helping. At all. Here's another pair of screenshots taken just moments ago. Notice anything? Again, why is Windia blocked off?
  • So that's it? Our server gets to die when the world leap comes around? I took these only a few minutes ago and I don't get the reasoning behind this decision at all. At this point I feel like I'm just wasting time trying to argue against …
  • I really hope Nexon wiil reconsider this. Letting people move out but not into Windia will only make things much worse for us than they already are. Actually scratch that, another world leap just seems harmful overall for everyone. Worlds that are a…
  • Stallben wrote: » Michr wrote: » We got skin boys! Its been almost 8 years but we got our skin! Wait, were you able to change your skin with a coupon or any other means without making a new character or is that just a picture of an Aran wit…
  • We got skin boys! Its been almost 8 years but we got our skin!
  • Stallben wrote: » Has there been any word as to whether or not these skin tones will be available for existing characters? I'd also like to know this too. Will they give out coupons to existing Aran/Mercedes characters or allow you to talk to t…
  • Now that you mention it I can remember that now. That only makes me wonder the exact amount of time between the two and what happened to some of the previous locations or groups of people in 2.
  • Pretty please? Its been about 7 years now and the fact that the skin is missing has been ignored time and time again. Demon's get their skin but not Aran? Would it be that hard to add it into character creation/skin care? Please.
  • Will we finally be seeing the special Aran skin tone as well as some of the other special skins added to the game or will they all get ignored again? There has been no answer for this either and its been around 6/7+years now.