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  • Please while we at it can for the love of god give world merge to elysium aurora with scania make 2 big worlds aurora and Elysium are suffering for leak of people we need help
  • So, this seems like unfair situation i did also played MapleStory2 few months ago i did get the rewards all of them Well Thanks Nexon honestly. im not complaining but i do support this post because I played MapleStory2 for less than an hour …
  • GREEEEEEEDDDYYYYY i just got it and nexon just take it Money > players
  • darik wrote: » Also consider that old db was incredibly overpowered, they could barely get touched by any boss, i could stand on zakum, which by that time either 1 or 2 shotted and stay 10mins pressing a skill until i killed it, that was way too g…
  • darik wrote: » Db got buffed a lot in the recent patches,like constant buff patch after patch,maybe ur gear is outdated? Or needs more improvement? im level 244 DB 45k luk clean the dmg doesn't feels like its paying off
  • Aggraphine wrote: » The class feels fine to me, sitting at 230 on mine. And avoidability is only gone as a displayed value in your stats window, which was about as useful as the hands line that did conceivably nothing. The chance to avoid damage t…
  • pepe wrote: » I wouldn't say that we didn't abuse HS, tons of people had HS mules in cygnus garden on top of kishin. At least we have the HS node, so we didn't realistically lose that much. sure HS node is great i agree it helps a lot but nerf…
  • Fuhreak wrote: » Sadly it's due to Korea's Meta. They abused it like we abuse Kishin, so it just got nerfed into the ground. Nexon seems to like over correction when it comes to getting rid of current metas. If Nexon actually cared about players…