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  • World transfare

    Hey so
    I know not long ago
    actually just so little ago there was a world merges
    but the thing is Elysium feels like broa before the world merges the game is empty and it even made it worst
    the prices are its like hard to get some meso and the community is very low
    it was nice at first people were logging in like there was 4 to 5 times at first
    But now
    Its like almost exactly the same now i know its much effort to do another merge and etc
    but if people could've moved from their world to elysium it would be amazing
    or if you have other idea that the nexon support are willing to do
    because it almost no different
    I really appriciate the world merge nexon support you did amazing job but it dont change the fact 2 most empty words merged and its still empty
    again its more active than before but im walking around and nobody's there
    the market is rising and meso running out
    If you could do something about it it would really help
    tyvm for your time and help
  • Nexon's greed

    I managed to reach silver at MVP
    and i got nexoned
    it should lasts for a month as far as i know
    but no they decided to give me the MVP for 4 days (i couldn't even receive the gift today)
    thats so damn greedy
    nexon like wtf i spent nx i deserve the MVP and i got nopes from you
    you want more and more to maintain something ma ybe if i buy 40m nx i get for the next month orso
    thats the reason the game is dying
    nexon goes money > players
    im highly disspointed