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  • Remove the pic from the storages

    At the patch notes it says
    "Fixed an issue where Portable Storage could not be opened when the PIC was entered."

    Now the real issue is not when the storage could not be opened
    the real issue is there's a pic on the storage.
    no logic
    please remove that
    have a nice day
  • Another world merge

    Hey guys so there was no long ago a merge between worlds i know less than a year
    and it seems quiet fast to ask for another one
    but as a player at elysium i log in and i have literally nobody to play with and its like maplestory on offline mode
    just with AH
    Nexon merged the most empty worlds together and it didn't really change the situation
    its like as khroa player it feels like we are playing with khroa + 20% extra people
    thats absolutely nothing tbh we weren't much before and we are still Empty world
    i believe many people from elysium can agree with me about this matter sadly.
    sure i might sound greedy always for more
    but i find myself playing with nobody
    the prices on the market are dropping like hell
    nobody buy anything and its just feels empty
    i hope i can get your support on this one and agreement because the game feels like its khroa again like nothing changed...
  • EXP Buff

    Ok so as well we know levels 220-235 Getting buffed and their EXP Will be reduced per level by quiet a bit.
    Now if im level 235+ it wont effect me true but
    i did pass these levels already and i spoke with Nexon support and i asked them if the EXP will just go on to the next level and add up and wont Reset
    So those who made it and passed level 235 will Gain the EXP they worked for and tit'll be more fair towards everyone so new or lower level people will only benefit from this buff
    so it'll be a global buff
    And they said "After you level up the EXP Resets and it wont add up" which means if you're after level 235 the butt wont effect you at all
    and you will lose the EXP you worked for
    sure they said things might change but its only might so im trying to help them get to another decision from what they've made
    i hope they do take the tickets here as serious as they said
    so its worth a shot
    i hope i'll get your support because imo it should be a global buff not just for low levels
  • Nexon's greed

    i just got it
    and nexon just take it
    Money > players
  • Nexon's greed

    I managed to reach silver at MVP
    and i got nexoned
    it should lasts for a month as far as i know
    but no they decided to give me the MVP for 4 days (i couldn't even receive the gift today)
    thats so damn greedy
    nexon like wtf i spent nx i deserve the MVP and i got nopes from you
    you want more and more to maintain something ma ybe if i buy 40m nx i get for the next month orso
    thats the reason the game is dying
    nexon goes money > players
    im highly disspointed