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  • External chat causes the game to show a blackscreen if you're using 1366 x 768, 1280 x 720, 1024 x 768, or 1920 x 1080 resolution. The fix to this is to lower your resolution to the minimum on a different character and hop back on the character that…
  • Safe to assume that it's not going to be feasible to unlock any badges that have a boss on them. I have killed exactly 400 Timers since the revamp and I have gotten 0 cards.
  • Edit: I change my mind Still disheartening that we can't have a good way to fill up our badges
  • luna02 wrote: » Helal388 wrote: » This feels like invading my privacy, but ok. https://imgur.com/0lQTRQU I KNOW there is at least three or four illegally downloaded apps, AMD I KNOW it's risky and brings viruses. However, I haven't download…
  • I have the same problem. Only "fix" is to download the game on a different computer and transfer it over using a external storage device. Reinstalling the launcher doesn't do anything.
  • Hey, I just want to let you know that the skill is still completely unusable in Arcane Power areas. I have completely given up on using the skill during my training sessions in the Arcane River. The only time I use the skill for is mobbing at Scrapy…
  • Cryoseism wrote: » First off, everywhere online said to just wait for 2 hours per stone to complete the quest, but after about 4 on the maple world stone, nothing happened. Idk if that was changed or something though,, so whatever . . . They've c…
  • Still a problem. I've heard nothing but silence about this problem. Not a worthless bump but a bump nonetheless. Got a Night Walker to 5th job. Did some more tests with it and got the same results as my Cadena. First of all I want to say that …
  • Thanks for responding. Two videos on YouTube because I don't know where you want me to post videos. Void Strike lag 2 Recording of the problem is much more severe than actual gameplay. Issue seems to extended to the whole system. My mouse …
  • Bump Skill still causes very noticeable lag, it's often better to not use the skill All areas lag on cast and on the first hit of Chain Arts: Void Strike The extreme lag areas also makes my mouse (only ingame) lag and unpredictable Areas tha…
  • I know it's not the same deal but I also lost an old account due to support. The reason they banned my old account was because of "Account Theft". Yeah, my account was compromised and I asked them to recover my account, but in response to getting…
  • You know what would be great? Giving us all 1k points. Too bad we're probably going to miss a day a lose the chance to get a title and medal. Looks like we're going to miss the whole event. Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't actually expect this to be …
  • This is really sad. In a world of madness, where do we begin?