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  • AKradian wrote: » Dark totems that aren't for your class are not useless. All of them have 15 weapon and magic attack. The event is designed to have a low rate of getting the totem you want, so people would have to keep participating in it. O…
  • EladO wrote: » Petalmagic wrote: » There was a thread made about Psychic Shockwave, and I agree it should be reverted. My Kinesis besides that feels ok to me. I like to play it for a break from my Main generally... and besides the Shockwave i…
  • [UPDATED] Another issue why this update is systematically huge nerf for Kinesis with images
  • Or why can't we have just actual KMS version of damage skin with unit with Korean character in it (억, 만)? we even have Japanese Kanji Damage skin.
  • RedLeafHeart777 wrote: » I don't mean to disappoint you, but if it happened in KMS, it's gonna happen here too. Our developers have no power over the balancing issue; they just copy and paste codes from KMS. Your post is very articulate, and…
  • Yes thank you and as I mentioned several times in previous posts, with one of classes with the most complicated skill cycle, Kinesis' maximum potential damage is still below 20th of all classes. Unlike Blaster, and Cadena who also has complicated sk…
  • Wow just in from KMS, another useless change to Kinesis... they increase triple jump's x-axis distance to about previous mercedes' double jump which is good and then decreased y-axis? This makes the whole thing useless... Are they trying to make a…
  • Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX Item Item name (English/Korean): Kiddy Crayon Cap Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX Item Item name (English/Korean): Lemon Wafer Coat (Male/Female) Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX Item Item …
  • xxHorntailxx wrote: » some of the 5th job skill descriptions dont even match with KMS (ex. Demon Avenger) ikr lol KMS user now saying they are almost sure that current director is trying to erase most of the works done by previous directors such…
  • Phomaniac wrote: » Lol how do you feel now that it's got another nerf? 1600% to 1100%, 700% up to 1000% for the black hole part though Lol omw to rock bottom I am seriously thinking kms balance team doesn't fully understand some jobs and how th…