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  • These totems should be transferable within account

    Totems from this event, Dark Lords of Darkness, should be at least transferable within account. If you don't have your class's specific totem, you will have to throw them away even if it's dark totem. It is such a waste and a complete nightmare. Personally, I got all three other dark totems that are useless to me which sucks.
  • Please Revert Ultimate - Psychic Shockwave Change

    [UPDATED] Another issue why this update is systematically huge nerf for Kinesis with images
  • Unit Damage Skin.... yikes

    Or why can't we have just actual KMS version of damage skin with unit with Korean character in it (억, 만)? we even have Japanese Kanji Damage skin.
  • Please Revert Ultimate - Psychic Shockwave Change

    I don't mean to disappoint you, but if it happened in KMS, it's gonna happen here too.

    Our developers have no power over the balancing issue; they just copy and paste codes from KMS.

    Your post is very articulate, and I understand your concern, but Kinesis nerf will take place nonetheless.

    It's just the way it is.

    Thank you for your opinion! Yes I know they will most likely but I'm still hoping. Since we had some GMS exclusive stuff or some system we didn't copy from KMS. However these days GMS seems to KMSify everything when last thing they said in the event was 'we will keep on developing GMS exclusive stuffs like Monad'.

    And to be honest, it's not even a simple 'damage nerf' like other nerf. They broke the skill's mechanism, making it useless. Shows how KMS dev team's understanding of classes has hit the rock bottom or even busted that rock bottom and going underground.
  • Please Revert Ultimate - Psychic Shockwave Change

    Yes thank you and as I mentioned several times in previous posts, with one of classes with the most complicated skill cycle, Kinesis' maximum potential damage is still below 20th of all classes. Unlike Blaster, and Cadena who also has complicated skill cycle has top maximum potential damage if user manage to successfully use skill cycle right. How come Kinesis is so neglected? Even user wich good mechanics successfully fullt hit Kinesis' complicated full skill cycle, maximum potential damage is below average compared to other jobs with same stat, with easier skill cycle. What is the compensation of doing complicated skill cycle for kinesis? If there's none, what's the reason to play this class anymore?