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  • THIS PLEASE!! I've been meaning to make a similar thread but I keep putting it off. I mentioned the Red Shower weapon back when KTnxBaiNao was CM but I suppose that never got passed along. I still really want it. I've been looking at those heroi…
  • "Maha the Polearm" is part of the redesigned hero outfits during Heroes of Maple content six years ago. When the art was changed I remember complaining how it looked watered down from the original. Now the heroes are back to normal with their origin…
  • Is hair/eye extraction possible with this? I'm really desperate to transfer my royals to other characters. If it isn't, it would be a neat feature to add arrow keys to each 'room' to view more colours of a particular style. That way you could ext…
  • I'm desperate for this on mihile. It's been almost 10yrs and it's still locked.
  • I really like this idea. It would be nice if my cadena could equip a 2H common weapon underneath a cash cover so my character's pose changes while I'm standing around town. Or a toggle option between 1H and 2H poses would be really fun. We don't alw…
  • And maple leaf high as well please!
    in Sengoku High Comment by Klara June 2021
  • Can the King Castle Golem, Giant Golem, and Blackheart Negative please have their star difficulty changed so they count as actual boss monsters?
  • That's high priority to me and MANY others. Players have been asking for gender change or removing the gender lock for years and it's really frustrating that we don't know IF we'll ever get this freedom of customisation. Nexon doesn't communicate th…
  • I made a thread asking for the same thing 18 months ago. RIP. It's sad that Nexon didn't comment about it being a possible future project, but I doubt they even read it in the first place. http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/19614/angel…
  • I know my comment is late, but this feature would be so exciting! There are certain outfits I really like the shape of - but not the colour - so tweaking them would open a lot of clothes to mix and match with. This could make unpopular outfits desir…
  • HuskyDM wrote: » We need perm-pets again first tbh THIS ^ What on earth happened to them??
  • This feature would be so great! I've been avoiding adding familiars because I can never think up a good name until weeks after I obtain a monster. May we also get an option to remove/release monsters we don't want? The only one I really bother us…
  • BluTF2 wrote: » Hello, I wanted to have Full bangs hair and white eye color for my android. But for some reason, these two aren't available. The full bangs hair is a vip hair but is one of the few vip hairs that aren't available for androids. And …
  • Aggraphine wrote: » This could be a neat idea, but they'd never do it. It would pretty much open up a method in which to get the nice royals in one shot, without having to give nexon like three bucks a roll. The 3.3k nx 'rolls' aren't going to …
  • Or it would be great if auction house expansion slots were sold separately in the cash shop... That's the only thing I have my eye on from MVP.
  • Can we PLEASE get these hairstyles from JMS? These eyes And these outfits?
  • This is from the official discord:
  • I know this is a large wish list, but can these please be brought out? They're all in GMS' data.
  • This suggestion, PLEASE. And a lot of people are still desperate for the cash shop UI revamp.
  • It's been 2yrs so can I bring attention to this issue again? I really like the hairstyles from the Secret Stories: Maid to Order content but they're just unusable with hats. I'm still dreaming about Choux hair without the headband, and the colour of…