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  • AKradian wrote: » I've asked Nexon for clarification on the lv. 250 requirement. No response yet. That said, let's look at what the update notes are saying right now: v197 Update Notes (trimmed) wrote: Upon reaching the following levels, you'…
  • no world merge... but they making new world >
  • Nexon said before that they will add it back after they fix it.. Try ticket system because this is not a suggestion I myself spamming tickets about this cus I want the fix already, would be nice if more players do the same
  • WimpGMS wrote: » do you really July? considering u were the one who posted that people who buy items for money deserve to be punished last dupe wipe and now you have a BoD? :thinking: What u talking about and how it’s in topic idk.. I got i…
  • boompower1x8 wrote: » Giving this a bump due to a recent feedback from players that the ring is now working without any problems since last week's v1.95. Please re-release the ring in philosphers books/marvel to improve accessibility and/or app…
  • AKradian wrote: » Thank you for the video. Nexon's response is: "It's on our backlog, but we have no plans yet on when it will come back. Again, the intent is to bring it back. But there are things on our backlog that are higher priority." …
  • game already dying, and this will definitely kill it.
  • stuff they really.. really! have to remove are: Respawn Pass, Safety gem (both can buy from npc with mesos), spell trace, Scissors of Karma.... crystal heart, and maybe reduce the amount of android coupons like "TOP school"
  • same with Scania
  • AlexF wrote: » Heyo, Can anyone else reproduce this? I've touched based with the discord and users are reporting it's working fine. i recorded video and sent it to support through ticket.
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » The FMers that sell stuff for real money are going to take a huge blow. This is one change that Nexon got right. not really.. this will only increase the amount of players who selling stuff in hackers websites (with maple…
  • this should be in suggestion forum and i vote no.
  • Yoongi wrote: » Seems to be as dead as every server except Bera now. I used to be a dedicated windia player but it's so dead I felt rather forced to start playing Bera. Even though I tend to play solo (as making in-game friends is hard) it's still…
  • Updating my Graphic card driver helped, i don't have this issue anymore. Thanks.
  • its same glitch like in lucid fight: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/67099/#Comment_67099
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » July wrote: » i don't get why at level 165 i try to train at tot star force map (have way more star force than i need) and mobs there killing me easily.. like i have 20k hp and each mob hit do 5-6k damage to my hp bar... t…
  • Peep wrote: » It's not balanced but I think you are going about it the wrong way. The only mage that I think has it the worst here is Kanna. Koreans mages are able to get 17.5k-20k+ as their score so you must be doing something wrong. Here is a…
  • i don't get why at level 165 i try to train at tot star force map (have way more star force than i need) and mobs there killing me easily.. like i have 20k hp and each mob hit do 5-6k damage to my hp bar... this class doesn't have any type of magic …
  • http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/16924/unable-to-cast-skills-at-lucid/p2 looks like this gonna be one of those bugs that nexon can't fix.. like pets loot lag. (what causing this glitch is pets auto hp.. so taking this off will avoid …
  • MageOfBattles wrote: » The removal of FM isn't a bad change honestly. Consolidating the market into an easy to manage, free shop I might add, is a good move on Nexon's part. With improvements further to come for AH, I'm okay with the changes. A…