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  • What happened to Scania?

    Yoongi wrote: »
    Seems to be as dead as every server except Bera now. I used to be a dedicated windia player but it's so dead I felt rather forced to start playing Bera. Even though I tend to play solo (as making in-game friends is hard) it's still boring to play on totally dead servers.

    even Bera population are 70% bots from what you see in world selection window.
  • Royal faces not updated for Androids

    Bug type: Cash shop related

    Brief bug summary: The female royal face coupon not updated for androids

    More details: I used female royal face coupon, looking to get one of the new styles here:

    But i got faces that was in previously royals..

    I got face was in old cash shop:

    Please update the female royal faces according to what you posted on website.

    Steps to reproduce: Buy Royal Face Coupon, have female android equipped, speak with Lauren Android Beautician in Henesys Hair Salon, and see the results..
  • Princess No's Coin Shop.

    i do like the way it is now to be honest, those secondary weapons are so rare which motivate me to do it.

    and i also think they fixed the drop rate for keys.. lately i been getting a lot, yesterday i got 4 keys out of 7 runs.. no x2 drop event and no x2 cash shop coupon
  • AND here we go again

    why we not getting this quote anymore?

    "The release of this update has not been up to the quality standards that we aim to deliver to all of you, and we are not taking this lightly. Our goal is, and has always been, to provide you with an enjoyable experience with the release of every update, and not be burdened with technical issues"

    I guess the new standards are releasing patches with lots of bugs, and let players to find it and report it.. than go to unscheduled maintenance in every single day.

    They even stopped try to compensate the players.
  • Anyone else think this was a bad anime event?

    All Re:Zero related stuff are in cash shop, and in random boxes&coupons..(with not related junk)

    So yea..horrible..

    at least put some of stuff(event related) in-game quests, like hair style coupons.. will that hurt you so much doing so? why free 2 play players can't enjoy and get related stuff from this event? i'm sure you guys (Nexon) doing fine with the financial reports.. marvel was like few weeks ago.

    "Enjoy Themed Events From The Popular Anime! PLAY NOW FOR FREE!"
    Advertised in your launcher.. Its a lie and misleading.