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  • Stacona wrote: » psuobucit wrote: » Stacona wrote: » You are bad at math. 100% boss damage with the decrease to the final damage is: 400% damage total = small buff to solo damage 500% damage total = about neutral 600% damage total = less…
  • Stacona wrote: » Kanna feedback changes have not happened yet. This is just a balance change they already planned awhile back, Battle Mage and Mechanic got nerfed to the same degree as Kanna did this update. This information is completely fals…
  • Why forfeit and then accept again.... makes no sense at all i want my reward, because even though i might have died at level 10 to von leon i still reached lvl 200 without dieing, as everyone else did, this can't be intended because EVERYONE did go …
  • Cool because everyone who only plays EU still has their ark rewards in NA
  • Isn't it better to make a "remove censorship" option in game like League of Legends has for example, then you can let people choose to have censorship applied to their text or not. Of course censorship would be ON by default. words that make chat…
  • The n-word is censored in too many ways example: i was finding grapes instead of bananas not the greatest example but this happens a lot in english and even more in dutch.
  • @AKradian Thank you very much kind sir!
  • please make them stack to 1000 or something i find this to be very frustrating
  • I really think that conferance Q&A thing with zerobydivide and misusingtv really helped us, look at what they did. They said nebs were garbage, symbol dailies were a pain and nobody ever thought Nexon would listen to their community. Now 6 month…
  • Before the merge it was illegal to play on the GMS servers from europe, just before the merge there was a Q&A which answered EU reboot will be a thing. So stop with the nonsense of "not knowing" because you clearly should've known... Just gon…
  • A fix for that would be an in-game option to report with video evidence ~5sec clip that makes all reports into a format which is very easy to judge for the GM's. Also not all players should have this option, just like Counterstrike where they have t…
  • Problem with that is that a player with banning abilities has nothing to lose but his ability to ban people (no job etc.) one of these players even if trusted could ban someone for no reason or being in a fight with someone. Gm's aren't actually doi…
  • scholar624 wrote: » If Jett requires an infinite FMA to be somewhat playable, perhaps it's time for a technical intervention. Imagine yourself a designer and you are tasked with giving Jett a skill overhaul. Now, keep an open mind and ask the foll…
  • Asked a GM during the GM-event he said it's still being discussed *sigh* takes ages
  • Okhura wrote: » I'll ask if there are any updates. Still no answer? Been over a month now, nexon would've already sent me an e-mail saying the matter is forwarded by now. Forwarded to the thrashcan that is.
  • EMS player here, honestly we're all used to the PST time now and whenever i attend an event i always look at the mainpage for the time since they keep changing it. You're saying the maintenances are bad for you and the event times as well, we've …
  • Yes i already did, but it's already fixed now, i randomly got it an hour and 40 mins later while grinding. Not sure what could've caused the delay
  • Same goes for Aran, just attacking with beyond blade into a large pile of mobs is enough, must be a bug since the tornado ability that sucks in all the mobs is basically instant disconnect on high density maps