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  • I've had the runtime error but that happens every once in a while but this game crashing issue is getting frustrating, yes I should be used to crashing as it has been a common occurrence but this is ridiculous. It'd be great if the community could g…
  • I'm also having the same issue as the thread owner, I press play but nothing comes up.
  • Okay reviving this thread after a week of playing the update and....I'm disappointed. The event hall still lags for me (post if it does for you too), yes I've noticed they changed the background but something in there is lagging me to a crawl and I …
  • iMaMadHobo wrote: » http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/20967/v-183-kerning-city-superstars-patch-notes Event hall is literally being addressed in the patch notes. Botting isn't exactly an easy issue to fix. They're trying, but they don't have …
  • Bug type: Game commands are not working Brief bug summary: Game commands are not responding to my key inputs More details: Refer to above summary Steps to reproduce: Tried on a different character and it worked for that character but going …
  • Nexon you need to fix this event hall lag ASAP or just put the Sengoku High NPC back in Henesys and Leafre like you always have! Dunno why you decided to put her in the death trap event hall and don't give us the "the issue is being investigated" li…
  • Since my return to MS I've ran into these botters in Windia, mainly they've been Blaze Wizards wearing the Pensalir Mage gear set in all the good maps (mostly in Twilight Perion and Scrapyard Hill) stainding in one place spamming their Orbital Flame…
  • It's been a huge lagzone for over 2 years. They probably don't know how to fix it. It's indeed best to jus transfer the npc/shop outside to a certain town. For now i don't even know what i'm collecting those coins for as i cannot check the shop. Ow…
  • Still looking for a guild, tried the in-game Guild Finder and no luck so far. I'm just looking for an active guild with a good alliance, not a merchanting guild since I'm pretty newb when it comes to that but if your guild does bossing and merchanti…
  • There is, at this time, no maintenance ongoing. However, we were having repeated extended maintenance prior. Is this issue still happening as of right now (12/2/2016 10:07 AM PST)? I tried a few more times earlier and managed to get in finally but a…