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  • Ive been asking around, and I can't be perm banned since I can still access the EU server and make a character. I was told that If your perm banned your banned on both servers. So whatever is going on, is a bug?
  • Ive been a player for years, I just came back from a 6 month break. To a 5 minute connection time, and a "This account is Perm Banned" Message... Didnt have any other programs open aside from chrome/steam... Already submitted a ticket but Im guessin…
  • hmm... Ive always thought of it as a bug ever since flame haze came out... Since it drastically lowers FP Damage output... Its nice to hear other peoples opinions though. Still Casting Poison mist is annoying because it has a longer Casting speed co…
  • Honestly I Hope Nexon Prioritizes Banning hackers in Arcane river, Over everywhere else... Nodestones are expensive... Let them stay that way, otherwise all the drop rate gear Ive been working on is worthless to me
  • AKradian. Im pretty sure, This was to fix the monster collection. Since Up until the ??? Elite mobs, I wasnt able to get them into my collection. Now I have 18 Elite mobs. (I spent around 40 hours trying to farm some Elite mobs, And couldnt collect …
  • Ya all the packs have incorect expiry dates. I lost 400 From a CSS pack, FirezHx 1/6/2017 Level 220 Fire/Poison Archmage Broa Hopefully they fix this and Compensate for the loss of coins.
  • Fair enough. This is probably something the dev's should get around to looking into. I mean its existed for a while now...
  • ah... Do you know For a fact that its a dll? If so Is there not a method to monitor what dlls are In use by maplestory, And then just wait for corruption? *I find that I When i get it, its after a Crash to desktop with no error*. After getting corru…
  • You say Memory/dll corruption. But What Dll Is it, So we can manually unload it and reload it (and Figure out what causes these weird bugs). Without having to resort to a system restart. Does it have something to do with blackcipher since I don't re…
  • Sometimes You can just get super unlucky if your farming nodes... Unless I farm for the full 2x, I usually get totally Random counts (If i farm for 1 hour ive gotten between 10 and 30 nodes, If i farm for 4 hours I almost always get 55-65. (and that…
  • Just wondering but have you Confirmed that the drop rate was broke by discussing it with other players? And was it specifically during todays 2x?
  • Has anyone checked what packets the server is sending the client when, you try to login? and comparing them to a non broken character? (I think Wireshark would work for this (no editing just viewing of all raw incoming data over a specific port)) I…
  • You cant opt out of this if you play the game... I had a nice long talk with customer support, they basically said if u disagree with anything in the terms of use, they terminate your account.
  • Not Exactly what I was refering to, But It doesnt matter if they are interested or not, Currently they can record whatever they would like and everyone playing Maplestory is in agreement (Even if thats not what they do)
  • Nexon your request for the players to vote for Maplestory, Angers me quite a bit. Given the current state of the game, I will not be voting. The bugs and hackers are pretty Rampant , I assume most of the content is gotten from the Korean devs (If no…
  • My understanding, is that they changed it too UTC So its easier for the "Devs?" (Probably not the correct choice in terminology) to manage the event times. Honestly They should have come up for a solution to this Months ago, when they were planning …