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  • Will never happen. There are hackers in GMS who sell clean accounts with loaded NX credit. It will pretty much break the game with infinite cubes.
  • Was a dumb event and over half of the records were monopolized by hackers. Megascience saying that with modifications this event could be alright. I don't disagree with that statement, but if Nexon had a brain they would've revised it before impleme…
  • Man that's some top cringe. I can tell you're probably 15 years old or near that. Most GMs in-game and the ones responding to tickets are outsourced and are pretty incompetent. But it's obvious that a fresh entry GM coming in and banning hackers …
  • I don't know why people care so much about the policy. Selling or buying NX or items is against the rules but it's rampant, this is the same company has been caught in the past plagiarizing Orange Mushroom's updates, and there is an abundant amount …
  • KMS rotations are always better.
  • There was no abuse but the buff was op. When 5th job came out and there was a bug where crit damage was 10000%, people could solo Lotus and Damian in seconds. That is abuse. The nerf nerfed Chocobuff is still much better than the flat 30 attack buff…
  • Dark20 wrote: » @Neospector There's a difference between facts and insults. The fact is, nexon is doing a very bad job at fixing issues. But if you insist, I'll be as formal as possible. But they will be criticism. Besides, why are you backing …
  • It won't ever come back like the first time it was released. You can only get it through Marvel or buying that $75 cube bundle for like a few violets rofl.
  • OneLetter wrote: » Once there is news on a new dedicated Maple CM, there will be a full introduction, of course. I hope you welcome them with open arms and an open mind, and provide them with the same opportunities you provided past CM's to get to…
  • Not abuse. And it's barely going to affect the economy when CRA and hmag is already a joke, anyone could already carry a full party per boss run, Hellux dropping sup Pendants is rng. But hey, i solo'd hmag within 20 seconds and Cvellum in 2.5 minute…
  • Most hilarious change ive seen Nexon do in the last few months. Like literally no one complained like SJWs do with petitions etc that i've seen on forums or r/Maplestory.
  • DutchWarrior wrote: » Point made. Your point is you have no idea what your talking about? Interesting. Bosses like Hard Daimian is nigh unbeatable even in KMS unless your a party full of hardcore Asian whales with perfect equips. But they will …
  • Stop crying and It's hardly a meso sink. 25mil for 100 flat stat even if it's not multiplied by % is more than worth. 25mil is like 25cents in this game because meso is so hyper inflated.
  • Reminder that Maplestory is not a game that should recruit volunteers from the community. As much as Nexon NA are incompetent, so are the players. If it's another popularity vote just like MLC, you will get a mix of morons, whales, ass-lickers, and…
  • Wut. Selling/buying nx in game and selling/buying items for cash is not against the rules. If it was, 95% of end-game players would be banned including myself.
  • Good luck trying to hold the record for 19 more days.
  • 1. Don't cube intending to tier up when it's not DMT 2. Don't use red cubes to tier up unless during DMT 3. Using red cubes on epic and unique equips when you can buy MCC service for like 20mil each Nice 50k NX
  • Seems like a pretty bad band-aid solution to many problems. 1. That would help with the drop rate problems some people have expressed. There is a rumor that there is a bug related to being in a party that effects drop rates, but other than that th…
  • Pretty much what will happen. Good chance for Nexon to remove some cheaters though. -Removed- LEL
  • It's a vague term thrown around by GMs when you're banned or perma banned. And most of the time they never elaborate what it exactly means rofl.