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  • I dislike how botting violations are enforced.

    I don't know why people care so much about the policy. Selling or buying NX or items is against the rules but it's rampant, this is the same company has been caught in the past plagiarizing Orange Mushroom's updates, and there is an abundant amount of evidence on reddit where GMs are inconsistent with how they handle reports.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    KMS rotations are always better.
  • Choco Buff (Nerf)

    There was no abuse but the buff was op. When 5th job came out and there was a bug where crit damage was 10000%, people could solo Lotus and Damian in seconds. That is abuse. The nerf nerfed Chocobuff is still much better than the flat 30 attack buffs from other events.

    So many dumb people in this thread. If you were close to solo'ing hmag/cra/empress you can do it with Chocobuff, congrats. If you could solo those bosses before, you can kill them a few minutes faster. Which is pretty significant. Some people in here making it out like some 300k range could now start soloing Lotus lmao OMG ABUSE IT'S OP!!!
    Keyan the Evan
  • Botters are ridiculous.

    Stop caring about the people who hack or macro to 250. The leaderboards lost its meaning many years ago, and most of the 230+ use hacks or macro. Which is nothing new.

    The only thing that annoys me is when hackers dominate the Dojo boards so i can't get my dojo gloves.
  • server instability and lag

    I recently upgraded to high speed internet (100 Mbps) and the lag only somewhat improved so I am convinced that it is Nexon. Or do I seriously need a 2000$ gaming laptop in addition to high speed internet to play maplestory smoothly? Like ... really?
    Most brick computers can run MS fine. Maplestory is just poorly optimized and even if you buy an expensive af gaming computer you will still crash and lag like everyone else during 2x exp.