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August 14, 1989


  • There is a very well known player who advertises selling mesos on Luna regularly, even giving a skype name to contact, hes been reported dozens of times over the past 3 months - he still exists. IF he finally disappears, then my faith will be res…
  • IF you want to farm it, turn your pet loot off and go absolutely nuts? i dont think rhinojinn spawns bsaed on artifacts picked up so just kill and kill and kill.
  • I would be happy to be able to use 1 extra - as im sure 100s of others would be too, wanting to farm right now with my kanna but i cant because a friend has borrowed my laptop.
  • Im just venting my rage at myself aswell as nexon - i had one, and sold it way under value. Hence SUPER SALTY ;_;
  • Well, we'll see soon enough how much damage has been done. Can we lock this thread? ^^ nothing good will come of it anymore
  • I wasnt really aware of how much exp you get regarding my earlier post - 1 run got me from 120-144. Just via the Monsterpark stage. 10% per run on my main - 216. I ran a 2x coupon to check however i dont believe it works in there as i only got 10% …
  • Quick call the Waaaaahmbulance. Are people seriously complaining about this? Is it fair that i missed EVERY SINGLE prime scroll event? Yes, i had no interest in the game when they were on. If you dont take part in the event due to some self-ri…
  • Neospector wrote: » Tomorrow (3 hours and 55 minutes). March 3rd through March 14th. http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/20972/cash-shop-update-3-1 4:05AM EDITED 4:05AM Day resets at 00:00 - cash shop resets on US time?
  • I like it, step in the right direction
  • Just load it from the regular exe from inside the folder, once again the launcher is being a froob.
  • Would you rather be told you have roughly an hour to wait so you can happily go do other things and come back. OR Have no idea and worry about missing login. Same goes if its extended, atleast you have a rough idea when it COULD be up.
    in Maint Comment by xMuramasa March 2017
  • I would rather have news saying 10 hour extension than none ^_^ im more concerned about no time than the extension itself
    in Maint Comment by xMuramasa March 2017
  • AngryYoshi wrote: » Using the event list was the easiest way for me to check the end date. How was I supposed to know that the event list information is false? Nexon
  • The 3 platform tiki mask guys, or the 2 platform stumpy place.
  • EMS. There was a section devoted to reporting hackers. As for faking videos, i wish i had those skills lol.
  • I do *report* them via live chat, you know what im told? "Video's are not required" how can undeniable proof not be required? I used to take pride in reporting hackers because i didnt need to fiff and faf around, i could post a video and not be Mod…
  • It wasnt an accusation o.o it was just a video of suspicious activity
  • The dimensional mirror is bugged - the portal is on there but you have to use your arrow keys to get to it, just keep pressing down until you see it.
  • So basically what they have done is made any kind of real progression p2p since cubes cannot be sold anymore. Lovely.
  • Luna - im just looking for an estimate, when i got it a few years ago it was worth 30b. Ik its not worth that now.