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After careful, diligent curiosity I have found that 30% of the players of this game are unrepentant hackers that somehow don't get perma-banned by Nexon. After further diligence I have discovered that some of the end-game bosses are mathematically, scientifically impossible to complete without hacking. Thus, Nexon requires hacking at end-game. So learn how to hack. Nexon loves it.


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  • Commander Weapons

    Arkniggerium wields a Scepter and a Skull (Orb). He is such a rat fink it's crazy.

    Hilla wields a Staff.

    Horntail is a form of Hydra (not to be confused with HYDRA in Captain America). He could drop Elemental variations of current weapons.
    If you want to get crazy with HT, you could have a random rare spawn of a Red Skull version of Horntail that drops a Cosmic Cube (guaranteed rank up if less than Unique).

    Bink Pean (un TSS un TSS un TSS un TSS) wields a Microphone (a form of Club/Wand).

    Demon Sleigher wields a Mace (not to be confused with Mace). He converts to the Resistance though.

    Magnuts the Infinite Guwaru Stone Wielder who is Immune To His Own Bullsh!t That Makes His Fight Uncompletable Unless You Hack The Stones Away And Risk A Ban wields a large sword, obviously. I find it interesting that he seems to wield it with one hand.

    Lion King should drop a wicked powerful Knuckle and Claw. 'Nuff said.

    Zakum is so broken he's not just crumbling, he's cheating. Zak is too handsy for me and I want my V-Card back. This guy is fine still dropping his "poisonic" Psionic weapons, but the Chaos version needs to drop level 210 weapons. Because he cheats. A lot.

    I seriously think the Sweetwater drop rates on Reboot are so low as to be criminally sadistic, on a somewhat related note.
  • Please stop the disconnections

    1) Unrepentant Wickedness by Nexon's Servers

    So there I was in CHT again hoping to hit lvl 187 because the previous fight gave me a 52% XP total and I was beating down CHT's body with a number of temporary, conditional and otherwise expensive buffs going. I used a lot of items.

    Suddenly, login screen. "Unable to log in to game server. Please try again."

    This isn't the first time.

    It makes me want to come to your facility and be very violent to your programmers. I really don't want to feel that way. Stop the childish, vindictive programming behavior. It's been happening since August. The game worked fine in June and July. Fix it. Whatever it is. Fix it.

    I don't hack. Ever. Hackers have a more stable connection and a better gaming experience.

    2) You know it causes disconnections, so please stop it.

    Please put in the options a way to disable MapleTip too, because it sometimes causes desync and disconnection. Hackers disable it anyway, why can't legit folks?
  • Did this patch kill Kaiser?

    On a thread-specific note:

    Button mashing is fun when you do it on a SNES controller. N64 went beyond the "too complicated" barrier and kept going. Keyboards are worse than XBox controllers when it comes to complexity and difficulty to use well.

    So I wonder why the Nexon folks or Wizet or whoever codes this game thought it was a good idea to not only make the system a nightmare to use, but to make it a joint-wrenching nightmare that will have folks replacing their hands with robotic ones (like the police hacker bots in Ghost in the Shell whose hands open up to subsets of extra fingers) just to play it? Why not just make it slightly more horrifically complex to use so we need a Brain-Computer Interface just to play it?

    Or you could get rid of the Killer Instinct-style button frenzy and Capcom-esqe nightmare of combo keys to hit that require robots to pull off consistently. And you ban us if we do what your game is now pretty much forcing... using macros and hack programs just so we can manage the button combos and keep the connection from crashing server-side. At least, that's how I think folks are keeping a stable connection anymore. I'm forced to the login screen at least once every 2 hours. Sometimes it's 4 times in 20 minutes. You folks broke something pretty badly. Then with this latest patch, you broke it worse.

    You need these prosthetics to play Kaiser
  • Did this patch kill Kaiser?

    Welcome to the KMS version of Kaiser
    We do not live in a dystopic monarchy. We will not tolerate the same garbage the KMS players do. This version of Kaiser and the previous version of Kaiser need to both get together and burn in hell while a third, actually fun class to play is made to take over.
  • Luminous nerf

    My lumi is now a Link Skill mule. Congrats Nexon, you ruined a fun class.

    I was going to take it to 210 after I get done with Kinesis and Shade but now... nope.