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  • Jr.Reaper perm pet price(250$ avg is too much) fix

    I think that's the whole point...what's the value of a perma pet to you?

    Honestly i think you looking at it wrong, its a pet with no monthly fee tied to it and when you apply all the skills to it that's it done deal you now have no more reason to even glance at the cash shop unless you like the clothes or hyper teleport rock and MP tickets (but those costs mesos so...).

    So ill explain this in a business sense if all you want is the pet that literally stops you from buying the revives for a pet in a server where the only thing i make money from is daily vanishing journey skips and clothing from the cash shop and maybe the MNN replays you bet your sweet bippy im going to charge 25$ for 3 chances at 5%

    Considering that the only OTHER way to get perma pets is by wonderberry that costs 4$ a try at a outrageous chance of 0.50%!!! and 1.00%...i think they are in the right mind set as a business.

    But let it be known that just cause i see the reason behind the pricing don't mean i gotta like it xD
  • Possible new Jett content?

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Sorry to disappoint, but there's no new Jett content. Updated art is nice, but that's really all it is.

    Hello darkness my old friend~~~ (cries in a corner)
  • Is Evan worth sticking it out?

    Evan is useful mainly for one thing. Rune duration Link Skill. If you get it to level 120 at the very least and then leave it at that, not a bad idea. It's best to do burning on Evan to speed that up as much as possible if you want the most optimal training exp link combo.

    As for what to do after that, that depends really on what link skills you need and what class you think will be fun. There's no right answer to which class is the most fun to play. That's something you'll have to find on your own as everyone has their own preferences on which classes they like the best. Watch a few videos on several classes though to get a good grasp on how they look.

    Yasssssss forget puny evan, eric was 20x stronger! and join me as the class that nexon,wizet,KMS, his mom,his dad,the player base and arwoo have forgotten...but i remember him and not as a dead meme! JETT!!!
  • Hair Styles

    That is the sad part, I didn't know that you needed to save it. Thus I lost the hairstyle and its a Cadena one. Wouldn't it be better if the hairstyle was saved when you enter the game, because for new people, things like this could happen? :'(

    That is actually a solid idea, you can always delete them anyway if its nothing you want...hmm why is the face and hair not auto saved upon creation O.o? i mean you can legit screw up with the big wig beauty coupons you get as well but i think big head edward w/e gives you a warning in that quest i think?
  • Potentials on Overall Equips

    And that is why cra is bis till umbra but even then 6 potential (12 if both have bpot) will always outshine any overall.