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  • Drop rate formula

    I congratulate Nexon AM for releasing a pretty detrimental change when you already have a somewhat dwindling player base. You probably think you're doing new players a justice by pushing forward a change like this, but you're not. The change has made many key aspect of the even more un-fun and infuriating such as pre quest for many relevant bosses with the reduction of the drop rate of quest items. I mean GL even doing Gollux pre quests or any quest line that requires you to collect lots of drops. I thought the drop rate in the arcane river was bad before but this update has single handily made it downright hell. I was killing at a decent rate with a stupid 2x card active and was getting the same exact rates as w/o the card. 45/90 in roughly 20-30min. It's like it appears as if 2x cards don't apply to the rates of quest items anymore. I don't even want to think how hard collecting fragments in gollux pre is now.

    I'm just going to downright not buy nx for maplestory anymore, however I will just support another competitors game in the future until something changes.
  • Compensation for down time on Event?

    Nick008 wrote: »
    Just extend the event deadlines by 48 hours like they did for cash shop items. Problem solved.

    Yeah that would help a lot.
  • We Need more ways to get Nodestones

    I had the idea of adding nodes to the vj dailies, muto, and dream breaker.

    Vj would give 3 nodes after you clear all quests along with symbols, Hmuto would give one per clear, and dreambreaker would have 3 in the points shop that resets every 24 hours.
  • Has anyone tryed the OMNI-CLN?

    Hes incredibly easy and not really a boss worth doing much after the first time for the event.
    All of his drops are laughably bad because we don't have what he was made for in kms, to drop flames of rebirth.
    I honestly hope they make him drop 5-10 nebulite boxes in the future at least or even terminus weapons.
  • Mercedes appearance in game