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  • Neospector wrote: » Hakufu wrote: » Add portals that lead to instanced versions of popular leveling/farming maps such as Silent Swamp, Sahel 2, Red nosed pirate den 2, Forsaken Excavation site 2, Slurpy forest depths, and/or Cavern Lower Path. (…
  • Well I can't speak for everyone but I would like: Less overall servers - remove alliances and possibly merge some or all of the normal servers. Enable 40 channels for all of the servers. Add portals that lead to instanced versions of popula…
  • Most khaini players either quit, went to other games, or joined the reboot server like myself. I'm not against them merging the normal servers. Might finally get them to release 40 channels sooner rather than never.
  • As you can see by the video the stupid mushroom takes 12m damage over and over before the animation stops before it even takes the damage. Anyway I've watched kms videos with the skill and the bug appears to be an issue in their game too, so I doub…
  • I chose a weak monster to simplify that it isn't damage related, it shows they're totally immune for nearly the entire duration of the skill.
  • This is still an issue, the monsters that are immune to damage for nearly the full duration of the skill while being bound is a bug. Please remove the monster/s damage immunity.
  • Cleared for me when I did all 4 in order and accepted/cleared all related quests from baboon.
  • This bug can be reproduced by using the skill in a mob of monsters. The monster that was chosen as the target of the bind becomes immune to damage while everything else around it dies twice over. Then after that is all said and done the monster that…
  • Its #2, if it was just #1 they would have just waited until after 2x.
  • Correction, it appears that they deal damage but its hp bar won't actually go down. Damage numbers show but damage isn't actually dealt.
  • Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet):Hair Item name (English/Korean):Mystic Bobbed Hair Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link):http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/4880/cash-shop-specials-11-11-11-17 Image of …
  • Nexons auto ban has always been a problem. You only have to have to lag(Not that common but happens) or be in a map that happens to have a hacker (already there or cc'd in) and have a second party report you even though you're not the hacker in the …
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » Hakufu wrote: » Theyre not doing so bad, their stock is up http://quotes.wsj.com/JP/3659 I hope you understand that when they made it so NX is for all their games ( not just maplestory/kart rider) their games sta…
  • I congratulate Nexon AM for releasing a pretty detrimental change when you already have a somewhat dwindling player base. You probably think you're doing new players a justice by pushing forward a change like this, but you're not. The change has mad…
  • Petalmagic wrote: » BuckYou wrote: » I don't think it has to do with the eluna event, I think they just nerfed the override box drop rate. Yeah...I have noticed overall less box drops per DIPQ run I've noticed changes with boxes. Overri…
  • Be happy that they're attempting to fix issues the last one created.
  • daynauthX wrote: » I was playing for about 10 mins when the game crashed with an error "NGS hacking detected." Funny part was; right after I got kicked out, there was a survey asking me if I would recommend this game to friend. lol I would t…
  • Nick008 wrote: » Just extend the event deadlines by 48 hours like they did for cash shop items. Problem solved. Yeah that would help a lot.