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  • Dutch trading restrictions.

    Not a single reply from a cm gm or w/e is that how little the Dutch community means? They gave answers solutions options. So much for we listen to our players...
    We were already restricted to the point where we COULDN'T profit of gacha ssb Marv etc. Wasn't that the whole point of the restrictions. Not being able to profit of gambling items what does the auction house restriction have to do with this or the 1:1 trade. I would understand the mesos market being disabled. But the auction house really? What am I gonna do with the mesos I make?? I can't do anything can't buy items from anyone. Am I gonna be able to buy cubes in cs with it like in normal reboot? Cause that's pretty much how the restrictions make it here. Reboot on normal server. It's a stupid change. Not thought through at all. Not talked about. And not even listened to players... Ty for the great communication...
  • Netherlands Probability-Based Cash Item Changes

    This stupid change is causing so many issues. Alot of dutch people are missing nx items now. And not just 2 no Alot.... Some update on the issue somewhere would be nice....
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    bring back kemonomimi hair please i really want it on my pathfinder
  • Goodbye worlds, hello replacement worlds??

    Ok so merge is fine i guess. Even tho i like my quiet windia as it is...
    But since im at 46 chars now 47 with pathfinder coming.. And i got a few characters at other worlds. Im just not seeing how 50 character slots is enough. I like my characters and always spend money to make them look cute.. But with this merge coming it meansnim going to have to delete characters i spend time and money on. Wich i dont see as fair. Why not increase the slots to more then 50 like 60 maybe. To give people some more space for characters
  • Temp char slot for Pink Bean

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Sumi wrote: »
    is there a chance we can get a temp char slot for pink bean. since its a char thats only around every now and then. im all out of char slots. i just want to be able to play classes and chars w/o having to keep a slot open for when pink bean comes back.

    How many extra slots exist, two? I can imagine plenty of players hit their limit by mistake and don't want to delete the duplicate characters.
    An event about creating a time-limited character really should just have a dedicated character slot to begin with.

    Yup there are 2 extra slots. I filled mine with a beginner and amade an axe hero with the last tera burning event. Besides that i have 1 of each class. Dont really feel like deleting any since they are all at 200. So a temp slot for a temp class would be a solution