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  • Poll: Anti-AFK mobs

    I wouldn't consider these mobs a problem if they had a spawn logic similar to runes where they only start spawning if a Mapler starts training in a map and they don't show up if otherwise. As they are now, if for any reason you D/C from the game (a very rare happening these days right?) when you log back in, the Sunday Perk and Maple News ads prevent movement letting these monsters get a free hit because they ignore avoidability as far as I'm concerned. The hefty 10% HP dmg combined with the potion-lock and strong monster attacks have led to me dying in multiple occasions where I could have reached safety in a similar situation. I know I voted 4. in your poll, but thinking about it as I type, I should have voted 3.

    Edit: Now that I think about, these mobs could have been useful back when party-play zones such as LHC, SDH and others were still relevant. But admittedly this thought bubble right here is me just being salty about the toxic nature of the players who frequented those maps.
  • Simplify Worlds, Improve Population & Stability.

    My say on this would be to decrease the amount of worlds like some of you suggest, however, add more channels to these worlds to prevent map hoarding due to greater population.
  • Still on a maint?

    All I know is that since Burning Fields reset after maintenances even if the game is fixed, I wont come back to train until tomorrow. Oh and as most of you know, we are definitely having a scheduled maintenance on Thursday on top of that.
  • Gourdon what did you break?

    The game was just about fixed and suddenly as soon as this new event goes live I'm disconnecting again for the simplest things. Mr Ritzy, did you do something to the servers in the midst of criticizing a dish?

    Oh, and if you're reading this can you merge this to the megathread Mr. Neospector?
  • Could we please add facial hair accessories to CS?

    The Carlton Mustache Event was great. I've had some very interesting reactions to my Merc's outfit:

    On-topic: +1 to the suggestion. I support anything that gives us more diverse customization options.

    Agreed, here's one of mine. Its my Cannoneer.